Hashtag Ads Looks To Monetize Average Joe’s Social Content

SAN DIEGO—July 8, 2014— Hashtag Ads has launched a new platform, currently in beta, where social influencers and advertisers can join forces to enhance their influence on the web. The platform provides an opportunity for anyone to embrace their power of social influence and utilize that potential to boost a company’s message — all while making some mula.

Hashtag Ads offers a sign-up option for social influencers, those who have a substantial presence via social media, and social advertisers, those who desire to strengthen their company’s social media presence by driving high quality traffic to their business or brand. Hashtag Ads pairs social influencers with relevant social advertisers, depending on their niche. Once matched, a campaign is developed and the advertisers’ message is circulated throughout the influencers’ social media networks. Hashtag Ads offers real-time metrics, allowing the advertiser to measure the increase of their revenue and social media presence from the campaign.

Designed with efficiency in mind, Hashtag Ads’ innovation allows ordinary social influencers to monetize their presence by coupling them with emerging businesses. Hashtag Ads beta platform is compatible with Facebook and Twitter, and additional platforms are in the works.

About Adboom Group, Inc.:

AdBoom Group, Inc. is a San Diego-based technology company focused on innovation in advertising and technology solutions for driving customer acquisition. With its wide network of social and native advertising channels, Adboom Group, Inc. has the ability to reach millions of people. From digital advertising, such as Hashtag Ads, to software suites, growing businesses has become the core focus and engine of the company’s success.

For more information, visit: www.hashtagads.com


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