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Price PatrolSAN DIEGO — Earlier this month, Price Patrol, the only GPS-based, live inventory shopping app that lets users search the real time availability of the items they want, announced the launch of its new feature: in-app purchasing. The app, which launched in San Diego in 2014, is a search engine for live retail, allowing shoppers to search and compare the price and availability for over two billion products worldwide—both in stores nearby or online.

“Launching version 2.0 of Price Patrol is an important milestone because it showcases the app’s true potential; we’ve completely overhauled the app’s user experience and activated in-app purchasing, making it easier and more intuitive than ever before to get you the products you want, right when you want them,” said Vince Marconi, President and Founder of Price Patrol. “Whether you use the app to bargain shop for recurring purchases like diapers or are on the hunt for the most wanted toy this holiday season, Price Patrol is the go-to shopping companion.”

Here are just a few of the different ways Price Patrol makes locating products you want at a store near you seamless and convenient, with just a few clicks:

• With the app’s “My Radar” function, users can make a wish list in-app for their most coveted products. When the user is near a store that carries that item, they are notified of its price and availability.
• If you’re waiting for the price to drop on a certain something, the app will notify you once that item is in your ideal price range and at a distance you are willing to travel.
• On vacation to somewhere sandy and warm, but realize you forgot sunscreen? Open the app to view all of the stores close by that carry sunscreen and see real-time price and availability.
• If you regularly purchase the same brand of dog food like clockwork every month, a notification can be set so that you know which store in town is currently selling it for the lowest price.
• Purchase the item directly within the app, or have it waiting for you at the store to check it out in person before you buy.

Price Patrol is available for a free download on both iOS and Android devices. Learn more at www.getpricepatrol.com.

About Price Patrol:
Price Patrol is a one stop shopping discovery and price alert web and mobile application that does all the hard work of deal searching for you. The app constantly scans a growing number of over two billion items at over 500,000 retail locations finding the best prices on the items you want, when you want them.


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SAN DIEGO (Sept. 8, 2015) – everyStory, a new cloud-based story-sharing mobile app and platform, announced today that it is now available for free in the App Store for iOS devices. An Android version of the product will be available via open-Beta in the coming months. The company has developed a streamlined mobile application that allows users to create, preserve and share personal stories in one place. Accessible from anywhere, everyStory lets users store audio and image files to a private cloud-based system with the option of sharing photos and stories between other everyStory individuals and groups.

“I created everyStory after being diagnosed with colon cancer and realizing my son may never remember my voice or hear my stories. I am passionate about providing people with an innovative way to preserve and share memories forever in the most interactive way possible,” said Dave Keene, CTO and founder of everyStory. “Now having the app compatible and available for download on all iOS devices, the art of storytelling and preserving memories has never been easier. Users can start creating stories and sharing memories with their loved ones straight from the palm of their hand. We hope to elevate the lost meaning of photos with our unique unlimited audio recording, tagging, sharing and activity tracker features,” said Ed Cox, CEO of everyStory.

Users can import photos from a computer, iOS photo album or scan physical photos directly into the app using a device camera. everyStory integrates a social network component by having an activity view functionality and by encouraging users to tag photos with people, and/or by location, subject or date. To create an interactive photo-album, everyStory lets multiple users record an audio message, on the same photos, in a shared album or within a group. Users can simply tap a tagged person’s name to hear the story that is connected to a specific photo or album.

The everyStory team has plans to launch a full Android version in the coming months as well as implement new sharing, photo and audio features to the existing functionality. The app is free for users and is currently offering space for 1,000 extra photos as a sign-up bonus through September 2015. Various membership options will be accessible for sign-up no later than early 2016 for users interested in receiving increased storage capabilities.


To download and sign up for everyStory on an iOS device, please visit the App Store. For more information on everyStory, please visit: http://www.everystory.us.

About everyStory
everyStory is a cloud-based story-sharing mobile app and platform that acts as an interactive photo album allowing users to have access to audio and picture files anywhere, anytime. This multi-faceted system is equipped to record all audio from the storyteller/user as they naturally flip through photos. Users can safely share stories and photos with friends and family, who can then contribute new photos to existing stories or new stories to existing photos. The easy-to-use mobile app partnered with Macphun, a leading photography software developer for the Mac platform, to collectively help users produce the highest quality stories through superior discovery, photo restoration and creativity solution options. The team at everyStory is passionate about creating the most optimal privacy-focused micro-social network that archives important memories through long-term cloud storage


New premiere pre-paid wireless provider introduces a contract free, two-line share plan for customers nationwide with no sharing restrictions 

SAN DIEGO (April 29, 2015) – UVA Mobile, a new premier pre-paid wireless provider, announced today the launch of a customizable contract free, two-line share plan powered by one of the nation’s largest GSM, 4G LTE networks. With five flexible options, the Companion Plan includes shared talk, text, data and international long-distance add-on options between two people or individuals with two devices. UVA Mobile plans are compatible with virtually any unlocked GSM device, including Android and Apple devices. The Companion Plan, offered at $50 for 60 days of service during beta phase, does not require a contract and has no per line sharing restrictions.

“With the launch of UVA Mobile and our five flexible sharing options, we plan to provide service that is attainable and realistic for anyone and everyone. We want to pave the way for the future of the wireless industry,” said Mehul Merchant, CEO and founder of UVA Mobile. “We live in a world where a cell phone is a necessity in life. We understand that not everyone’s situation is alike, so we want to provide the opportunity for a customer to design the perfect plan that fits his or her unique lifestyle needs without a contract requirement. The pre-paid wireless industry is growing rapidly and UVA Mobile is here to help revolutionize it.”

The five flexible share options start at a data range of 500MB to 3.5GB, talk time of 1,000 to 4,000 minutes, 5,000 local and international text and an automatic recurring $5 international long-distance credit covering typical national average usage for two lines combined. UVA Mobile is offering one free add-on of choice during the beta phase promotion, which is typically $10 each. Add-on choices include an extra 1GB of data, 1,000 minutes of talk or unlimited text per 30 days for those in need of more. After signing up, customers receive an activation kit consisting of two GSM SIM cards preloaded with two months of service and instructions on how to activate the phone or device. Customers can sign up for early access at www.uvamobile.com.

Created by a team of wireless experts, UVA Mobile executives are on a mission to remove all the frustrations associated with today’s wireless industry and build a progressive model for the future. The San Diego-based startup was founded in 2014 and is currently operating out of EvoNexus, Southern California’s leading startup technology incubator. UVA Mobile has plans to launch commercially nationwide after its beta phase in June 2015.

For more information on services, pricing, coverage and how to sign up for the beta phase promotion, please visit www.uvamobile.com.


About: UVA Mobile is a premier pre-paid wireless provider that offers flexible and accessible plans perfectly designed for families, businesses or individuals who share a two line/device plan. UVA Mobile’s customizable plans are powered by one of the nation’s largest GSM, 4G LTE networks and are compatible with virtually any unlocked GSM device, including Android and Apple devices. UVA Mobile is passionate about providing simple and dependable plans that meet customers’ own terms, allowing them to pay only for what they need and never be forced into another contract again.