Coworking Connection offers desk space, cube space, offices, conference and meeting rooms, as well as training room space, on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis to all entrepreneurs and business owners with all budgets. We also offer informative and networking events to support the entrepreneurial spirit and build an ecosystem of growth.

Our goal is simple:
At Coworking Connection, we inspire and are constantly inspired by the continued personal and economic growth of our members. We know that we and our members are improving the expansion of our community every day and are helping build a foundation for the stability of future generations of entrepreneurs. Whatever stage of growth you’re in, Coworking Connection wants to be an active part of your continued success.

Why Coworking Connection?
Business owners all over the world have taken notice of this virtual boom and coworking spaces have been sprouting up in almost every region imaginable. Catering to the on-the-go professional, coworking spaces offer a bevy of full-service benefits without the high overhead that executive office suites incur. Think lights, cool air, coffee, snacks, desk space, copying, printing and fax capabilities, office supplies, a conference room, meeting space and a well-groomed, smiling receptionist to greet each guest. Doing it all on your own will cost up to thousands of dollars a month, and after acquiring that garage sale desk and a case of Red Bull, your remaining budget is dwindling fast. You’re over Starbucks, because you always get the seat next to the front door and find yourself almost getting blown away every time the door opens and that powerful overhead fan goes full force for about 3 seconds. The Internet speed is unreliable and you feel guilty if you’re not regularly sipping on your $4, 18 word coffee beverage of choice. Three hours in, your legs are moving beneath the table like a centipede on fire and your brain checked out two hours and twenty-four minutes earlier. You’re down to your last $3, and you’ve typed four words on your laptop. This is NOT the office for you.

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