The Web App Masters Tour in San Diego (March 23-24)

User Interface Engineering is the host of a brand new conference coming to San Diego on March 23-24: The Web App Masters Tour. We’ve arranged for a special discount for our members, plus a free book!
Normally, the price of the event is $995. But if you use the promotion code REFRESHSD when you register, you’ll get a $100 off. You also get a PDF book of the best articles written by User Interface Engineering on web application design.
About the Conference

  • Luke Wroblewski of Yahoo! on web form design
  • Julie Zhuo sharing Facebook's design process
  • Bill Scott of Netflix on design patterns
  • Stephen Anderson on seductive interactions
  • Ken Kellogg describing Marriott's web site new redesign
  • Christian Crumlish on designing for social interactions
  • Doug Bowman sharing how Twitter gets people engaged
  • Hagan Rivers on web app navigation techniques
  • Jared Spool sharing UIE's latest research on how teams succeed

The conference delivers insights from 9 masters on web app design. These folks are the world’s greatest in web app design.

You’ll be immersed in the most intense discussions, dealing with everything from coping with complex navigation to integrating social components. You'll learn about the newest web app design patterns and how to entice your users to try your latest functionality.

The Details

  • WHAT: Two-day inspirational web app design conference
  • WHERE: San Diego, CA
  • WHEN: March 23-24, 2010
  • COST: $895 (when you register with the promotion code REFRESHSD)

To take advantage of the $100 discount and the free book of articles, you must register before March 17. Get all the details about the conference at

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