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MLD/Mel Lim Design Makes High-Tech Highly EngagingSAN DIEGO, CA- March 12th, 2013 — Mel Lim Design (MLD) transforms high-tech brands like Axure Software Solutions, Inc. and Comcast Interactive Media to “high art,” making them aesthetically pleasing and functionally simple and accessible. Since 2003, this multi-platform innovation studio in San Diego has powered start-ups in various industries; created ideas, products, and partnerships; provided brand communications and interactive experiences, and innovated at all stages of business.

In 2002, Victor Hsu and Martin Smith founded Axure, a San Diego-based software solutions company. They developed Axure RP, an innovative wireframing, rapid prototyping, and specification software tool aimed at web and desktop applications and released the pilot version in January 2003. After a chance meeting in 2005 with Mel Lim, Principal and Creative Director of MLD, Hsu and Smith invited MLD to help design their website and Axure RP branding, and create a Mac-friendly user experience. Elevating visual communication into a positive and immersive experience, MLD put the “fun” in functionality. The branded website prototype features a background image, a mega flyout menu, carousels, custom pop-ups, and an entertaining Axshare Features video animation that takes viewers on a step-by-step product walkthrough. Using Axure RP, MLD built an iPhone food app prototype featuring animated transitions, swipes, custom pop-ups, and embedded videos, an iPad app prototype, and an ecommerce beauty product website prototype featuring elements frequently found in ecommerce sites. Axure RP is now considered the standard in software prototyping tools and is used by tens of thousands professionals in the world’s biggest companies.

Comcast Interactive Media (CIM), a division of Comcast that focuses on online media and uses technology to create experiences that entertain and make life easier, invited MLD to assist with projects. Comcast’s relentless passion for innovation, dedication to customers, and commitment to enjoying every moment along the way made MLD a perfect collaborator. MLD designed the iconography for Skype on Xfinity. Jamie Hall, Art Director of UX Design at CIM, described the challenge: “The lack of design elements stand out; where it’s a simplistic approach, where we are trying to focus on using the product, stripping down the user interface so that it’s not cluttering.” MLD achieved its goal of designing a seamless UI experience that allows user enjoyment of TV show content while enabling receipt and placement of calls without intrusion. The TV show becomes the UI graphics, and the iconography enables this experience. MLD also simplified the complex for Comcast’s newly launched Skype on Xfinity and designed a Getting Started Guide (GSG) that is easy to use and simple for multi-generational audiences to self-install.
Forward thinking and constantly increasing capability with technology growth, MLD continues its foray into designing and innovating for high-tech. Moving into the fields of digital collaboration and large-scale data governance with companies such as Varonis, MLD gives dimensionality and texture to the intangible, and helps clients empower customers at every user touch point.

About MLD/Mel Lim Design:
MLD exposes, strategizes, and creates ideas, products, and partnerships.
A multi-platform innovation studio known for its dimensional design thinking that transforms the smallest idea into the largest deliverable, MLD has been powering start-ups in various industries from telecommunications, software, service, fashion, food and retail to Fortune 500 companies nationwide since 2003.

About Mel Lim:
Mel Lim cares to design a better world. She knows that begins with the individual and a commitment to holding fast to one’s dreams, wherever they may lead. This award-winning, Malaysian-born design leader received her foundation design diploma from the London Institute’s Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design and then moved across the world to attend the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where she graduated with highest distinction, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Design. Mel helps lead the industry in exploring how to use design methodologies in business innovation. Intent on actively shaping a better world, she is committed to understanding the processes of creating and producing products and ideas, and the ways in which those efforts impact businesses and customers, both socially and environmentally.

Mel has more than 15 years of international and domestic experience in project management, commercial spatial design, and brand and product development. She has worked with top architectural and design firms in the United States, and since establishing her own firm in 2003 has been consulting and designing for top Fortune 100 companies and others, including Comcast, UGG/Deckers, and Axure. Mel’s work, which can be seen in London, Tokyo, Copenhagen, and all the way to the UAE, has won numerous awards including the Creativity Annual, PRINT, W3, IMA, American Institute of Architects (AIA) LA, The Webby, and has been featured in more than 500 magazines and blogs worldwide including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, C Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Riviera, Interiors, and DMI-Design Management Review.