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SAN DIEGO, CA — WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9 — For savvy self-promoting chefs, it’s time to get on a roll.

ChefsrollFrom aspiring culinary minds to seasoned and celebrity chefs, Chef’s Roll is a platform where chefs can tell the full story of their culinary life with a Facebook-LinkedIn-Craigslist hybrid tool. Chef’s Roll is endorsed by top chefs including New York’s Cedric Vongerichten and David Burke and Los Angeles’ Taji Marie and Fabio Viviani.

“The quality of a chef’s online presence almost never matches the quality of their cuisine,” said Chef’s Roll co-founder Thomas Keslinke, a 13-year hospitality industry veteran. “Thus, we’re building the largest professional chef network in the world, where chefs are able to promote their talent, career achievements, unique style and more through this interactive, cost-effective and sophisticated tool. Chef’s Roll was developed out of our respect for chefs and what they do best.”

Whether they’re a Michelin-starred chef or fledgling toque straight out of the Le Cordon Bleu womb, chefs can use Chef’s Roll to showcase their work, talent and originality to potential employers, customers, TV producers and more. Early adopters from across the globe range from San Diego pastry chef Annalise Brolaski, who practices organic baking, to internationally known culinary artists, including Michelin starred Gianfranco Chiarini, master of Italian nouvelle fusion, and Javier Plascencia, Baja’s reigning king of farm-fresh food.

How Does It Work?

On Chef’s Roll profiles, chefs can enter skills and expertise; upcoming events; education and experience; a synopsis of the type of cuisine they specialize in; photos and videos; awards and accolades; client reviews; links to print, and online and television press. Technical co-founder Frans van der Lee built the platform to be easy and quick to use for time-starved chefs, while making it search engine optimized and social media friendly.

“The day after a chef’s profile goes live, it typically appears high up on the search engines,” said van der Lee. “Chef’s Roll empowers the chef to manage and curate their online professional identity and to extend the shelf life of their press and other accolades.”

The culinary tool also provides members with icons to use on other social media networks to link to their own profile, marketing and media training tips, recommended purveyors and, soon, a worldwide job/stage board.

To get on a roll, chefs and culinary students should join at chefsroll.com. Chef’s Roll profiles cost only $19 per month or $99 per year.

About Chef’s Roll

The founders of San Diego-based Chef’s Roll have always been passionate about the culinary industry, but it was only recently that they made a rather surprising discovery: the quality of a chef’s online presence almost never matches the quality of their cuisine. Working chefs often don’t have the time or budget to create a customized web portfolio, and existing job sites don’t have the tools to bring a chef’s unique skillset and experience to life. To solve this widespread challenge, Chef’s Roll was born.

“Presentation is everything” is true for all chefs, and Chef’s Roll’s mission is to advance the culinary profession by helping to promote the chefs that are making it happen. From executive chefs to culinary students, Chef’s Roll welcomes you to the table. For all PR inquiries, contact Andrew Hard at [email protected] or Brook Larios at [email protected].

The funding for ForwardMetrics, which has launched an enterprise cloud platform that improves innovation, collaboration, communication and performance, was raised from private individuals.

“Our company is very proud to have the backing of investors that understand the power and enormous potential of our cloud-based software and fast-growing community site for consultants and business leaders,” ForwardMetrics CEO Ozzie DiVinere said. “Business will never be the same, it’s time for companies both large and small to leverage smarter tools that help them achieve goals and produce results.”

The company will use the funding to expand staffing to support its fast-growing customer base.

The company’s products include: FM Navigator: A unique platform for easily creating and executing plans for any objective. Not just brainstorming, the fastest way to build plans on the planet, then see them bought to life.

Client Navigator: A special version with a set of additional tools designed specifically for consultants and executive coaches that offer new ways to work with existing clients and attract new ones.

FM Community: A fast-growing business networking site, where executives connect with thought leaders and inspiring content to foster new business relationships and opportunities.

About ForwardMetrics
ForwardMetrics is changing how organizations achieve results. Based in Southern California, the company’s passion is helping companies grow and achieve goals. Visit www.fowardmetrics.com or follow our social: @ForwardMetrics, facebook.com/forwardmetrics, http://www.linkedin.com/company/forwardmetrics. For all PR inquiries, contact Director of Marketing Andrew Hard at 917-660-5418 or email him at [email protected] and Cameron Crow at [email protected].