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Our company, Ikehu, Inc., with offices in Hawaii and San Diego, has received SBIR grant # IIP-1315882 from the National Science Foundation to further test and develop an iPhone app that helps people earn rewards for saving energy (“Ikehu” is Hawaiian for “energy”) during times of high usage. The goal is to stabilize the grid and allow more solar and wind energy onto it.
We are still seeking participants for the trial test of this technology which will be conducted in the San Diego area starting in late October 2013. Study participants must be San Diego residents and iPhone users with high speed internet at their home. As part of the trial, you must be willing to have an energy monitor installed in your home in the next few weeks. Participants in the trial would receive free home energy devices, installed theirs to at the end of the study) and would also earn Hawaiian airline miles.

For additional information and to sign up, please go to our web page at: http://www.ikehu.com/sandiegotrial.
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Rod Hinman, PhD
Ikehu, Inc.
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