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Revestor_iPhone6_HOME_v.3.2Revestor, the leading name in investment-focused real estate searches, today announced the launch of its new and improved website for investors and consumers. This complete redesign is intended to provide added ease of use for all users and incorporates the following new key features:

– Improved aesthetics for a clean, streamlined look and improved navigation
– An in-depth investment calculator that does all the work for you—all you have to do is “slide to decide.”
– Enhanced accessibility and more features to appeal to a broader audience that includes:
o first-time investors and home buyers
o families moving up or down in size
o professional investors looking for the best deals and highest returns on rental properties
– New key learning tools for beginning investors and an invaluable resource for those already in the real estate investment marketplace looking to maximize their cap rate, cash flow and return on investment.
– Increased listings and nationwide property data —up to 10,000 – 20,000 new homes for sale daily.
– An expected 1.7 million listings when the site goes live—that’s instant access to over 70% of the active MLS listings in the country.

The revamped Revestor website will also erase the separation between premium and free content; instead, users will be able to access all features through a secure email login. According to Bill Lyons, the co-founder and CEO of Revestor, “We’ve processed a lot of feedback over the past couple years to improve the platform and appeal more to first time real estate investors. Our goal is to be the starting point for real estate investing.” Revestor’s new website is a first step toward that goal.

Revestor.com will also be completely responsive and mobile-friendly to ensure portability for this valuable real estate investment tool wherever users happen to be—no longer will users have to download an app. “More than 50% of our users were mobile. So it was important for us to make the site available to them regardless of the device or browser they were on,” Lyons said. By going mobile, Revestor hopes to provide even greater convenience and practical utility for its users in the investment community.

About Revestor
Revestor is the only real estate search engine that can run investment calculations over live listings. The platform provides in-depth analysis tools to help both beginning and experienced real estate investors find investments nationwide and estimate the likely return on their financial investments for various properties under consideration. This can ensure the most profitable use of available funds and can help homebuyers determine the projected resale value of their properties over time.