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2Furlocity has today announced the roll-out of their new service, an innovative solution for pet owners and pet hotel/resort operators alike. Pets need vacations too, and Furlocity helps owners find the ideal place for a bit of pampering for their beloved dog or cat. It’s the world’s first comprehensive booking/search engine designed just for pets.

Finding a reputable pet care facility has always been a massive headache for owners. Traditionally, they have had to rely on word of mouth from family or friends, or the few results shown in an Internet search. Once they chose a facility, they were faced with making phone calls, pages of documents to fill out and possible verification from the veterinarian’s office concerning vaccinations. Furlocity streamlines this process by providing owners a single solution to all of these issues.

For pet owners, Furlocity offers a number of significant benefits. This service provides a single location where owners can search, compare, review and book pet accommodations with some of the highest quality pet resorts and pet hotels available. Owners are able to receive real-time listings of pet care facilities and readily available rooms that can be booked instantly. This ensures that owners have considerable peace of mind, and that pets have the pampering, relaxing experience they deserve. Find here Green Apple Cleaning from Annapolis, MD. In addition, Furlocity provides pet owners with the ability to pre-load vital pet records to save time, and they earn rewards each time they book a stay.

However, the service is also designed to benefit owners and operators of pet hotels and resorts. Furlocity provides the ability for hotels and resorts to list their business and services, as well as offering a robust marketing platform to spur business growth.

Connecting pet owners with the right care is something that the $56 billion pet industry lacks. This is where Furlocity comes in. After all, pets need vacations too!

To find out more about Furlocity or find a booking for a dog or cat immediately, visit http://www.furlocity.com.

About Furlocity: Furlocity, Inc. is the world’s first comprehensive booking and search engine, providing pet owners with the means to instantly find the highest quality pet resort or hotel for their beloved dog or cat.