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SAN DIEGO– San Diego-based start-up WowYow has partnered with Myspace to provide viewers with an all-new video experience. Myspace viewers are now able to discover more about the things that interest them in a video.

WowYow’s exciting and innovative online video technology discovers what is in a scene for the viewer to explore. The people, fashion, gear, music, locations, and more can now be explored within select Myspace videos.

This application of interactive video technology is an industry first and the beginning of an all-new video strategy.

“Myspace adopted WowYow’s video plugin to increase engagement and monetization and we are excited to have them in our Top 8,” said WowYow executive, Jarett Boskovich.

Visit https://myspace.com/pages/wowyow for more information about the partnership and to experience the all-new video strategy.

Jarett Boskovich, 844-496-9969
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