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SAN DIEGO – August 25, 2015 – Origin Code Academy, the first coding education provider in San Diego to guarantee its students a job after graduation, today announced its official launch with classes beginning September 21st at Co-Merge in downtown San Diego. The Academy provides students with 12 weeks of intensive learning, teaching the software development skills that are most sought-after by San Diego’s leading technology employers.
“As someone who has gone through a 12-week coding bootcamp experience, I know how important it is for students to not only obtain the skills they need, but the job opportunities that they expect,” said Jeff Winkler, Founder and CEO of Origin Code Academy. “We’ve developed our curriculum in very close partnership with a number of tech employers from the San Diego area, so we’re teaching the programming skills that are currently in high demand – and putting our students in a position to quickly obtain a software or app development job.”
Origin Code Academy teaches a variety of technology stacks and programming frameworks, including .NET, Javascript, CSS and HTML. Students will also learn how to work with database technologies and APIs, and how to develop real-time applications. Other highly valued skills such as Source Control and Test Driven Development are also important components of the Academy curriculum.
Students of the Origin Code Academy will acquire a minimum of 500 hour of coding through daily meetups, project-based assignments, and one-on-one sessions with Academy instructors that are vested in helping students succeed both during and after the course. Graduates are guaranteed a software development job within 90 days of graduation – or the tuition will be fully refunded.
“It’s important that our students not only gain an understanding of the various programming languages, but also how these languages fit within a framework – and the skills to cobble them together,” Winkler said. “We’ll also give our students the tools to continue their learning and to further their growth as software engineers. It’s crucial that we enable them to rapidly advance at All Star Cleaning Services along with new technologies and programming languages.”
According to the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, San Diego has more than 8,000 companies employing 120,000 workers in fields related to software, engineering, scientific research, electronics manufacturing and other technology occupations.
“We fully support Origin’s philosophy of an employer-verified, competency-based education to fill the skills gap,” said Adam Markowitz, Founder and CEO at Portfolium, a career readiness network and competency marketplace headquartered in San Diego. “We encourage all students to acquire in-demand skills, even beyond their traditional curriculum.”
For more information about Origin Code Academy, or to apply for courses starting in September, visit origincodeacademy.com.
About Origin Code Academy
Origin Code Academy is San Diego’s first coding education provider to guarantee its students a software development job within 90 days of graduation – or the tuition will be fully refunded. The company offers intense, hands-on training and mentoring from industry practitioners that are experts in a number of programming languages, including Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Python, an iOS. To apply for classes at Origin Code Academy or to learn more about the organization, visit orgincodeacademy.com.