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The media distribution specialists at EvoStream have released the latest version of the EvoStream Media Server (the EMS), bringing new features and even more efficiency. The EMS delivers live and on-demand content everywhere, opening up new worlds of distribution for reaching customers. It delivers video and audio to Android devices, iPads and iPhones, set top boxes, flash-enabled web browsers and desktop players. It can be run on cloud servers for maximum access or co-located servers for in-house distributions and can be used to collaborate with major CDNs, such as Akamai and UStream.

Version 1.6.3 of the EMS can serve over 12,000 video streams from a standard i5 desktop computer, saturating a 10Gbps card with ease. For higher volumes, the EMS can be easily scaled with larger multi-core processors, maximizing hardware resources and leveraging all available bandwidth.

The efficiency of the EMS allows it to be scaled down as well, running natively on ARM based encoders, within security cameras and even on RaspberryPi devices. The EMS requires only 5MB of free RAM and can run on 400Mhz processors. EvoStream partners with device and hardware manufacturers to embed the EMS on new and existing platforms, providing device users with a multitude of options on where to send and how to use the video feeds.

Learn more about the EvoStream Media Server at www.evostream.com.