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Ever wanted to buy furniture online, without renting a truck, lugging furniture home, or waiting weeks for it to be delivered, for an additional $100-300?

Superfurnish (superfurnish.net), a next day delivery website for furniture, direct from local stores such as IKEA, aims to bring speed and convenience to buying furniture.

“After moving from San Francisco,” co-founder Ryan Michaels said, “I was building iPhone apps for several years, into my empty apartment in Cardiff, I realized how hard it was to order furniture online. I almost gave up in frustration, then I decided to team up with a friend to build Superfurnish.”

The problem with buying furniture online is ordering from Amazon, where many buy everything down to their toilet paper thanks to Amazon Prime, is generally synonymous with buying cheap, fiberboard, throwaway furniture. Some sites like Wayfair and Allmodern are offer “free” delivery, directly from manufacturers, but it takes as long as 8 weeks of sitting on the floor to receive that new leather couch.

Superfurnish aims to hire experts, offer the speed and convenience of Amazon to furniture shopping. Place an order for a new bookcase (like the utilitarian NORNÄS), receive a text message to confirm and schedule the delivery, and the next day the Superfurnish delivery folks kindly pick up your new bookcase from IKEA and deliver it in the 30 minute time window you chosen. No truck, no lines, no waiting. Just magic.

Superfurnish officially launches September 1st, but is available for preview here in San Diego now, and plans to expand to more stores shortly. You can check it out at superfurnish.net.