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Today, VikPik Corporation, makers of the VikPik app, announced the public availability of their PikFire APIs, which enable any developer to easily offer location-based sharing of photos and videos to their own app users.

App developers, especially those focused on sports, concerts, festivals, and news happenings are losing content shared by their users to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The PikFire APIs instantly create connection and sharing between their own event goers, fans, and followers, increasing engagement and leveraging their content to drive traffic back to where it creates the most value for them, their own app and website.

VikPik’s mission is to fill the huge gap that today the leading social networks overlook, namely, the social connection of people who share common experiences but who don’t already know each other. The paradigm of following and connecting with other users, so rigorously followed by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram prohibits the easy sharing and connection of event goers and fans at sporting events, concerts, festivals and anywhere news is happening.

VikPik’s own app, and now the PikFire APIs for app developers take advantage of this opportunity to create new ways of sharing and connection between people who don’t already know each other.

VikPik Corporation is private, backed by angels from Microsoft, Compel and SmartDraw and has offices in San Diego and San Francisco, CA.

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Daniel Hoffman, Founder and CEO