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SAN DIEGO, CA. – A new app called Close5 is now revolutionizing the way people buy and sell goods and it has been launched right here in San Diego. The Close5 app comes into the San Diego market with a heavy bat behind it, being powered by a division of eBay, ebay Classifieds Group.

The premise behind the app is that when anyone wants to buy or sell anything, they should have the ease of shopping or selling within 5 miles of wherever they are – for the good of their community and the environment. It provides a fun and safe way to buy and sell home goods, kitchen appliances, fashion accessories and baby and kids items locally at just the click of an app.

Imagine your garage or your house cluttered. Now, imagine being able to buy and sell new and used baby, children’s and maternity clothing, handcrafted gifts, toys, strollers, wagons, tricycles, car seats, high chairs, play pens and other furniture. You can save money or make extra pocket change with a simple, safe transition. Thus far, the top selling items in San Diego on Close5 are home goods, baby items and women’s fashion. What sets Close5 apart from Craigslist and other online sites, is the “customer experience” as well as their community centric neighborhood focus.

According to the head of marketing of Close5, Bart Molenda, classifieds have approximately 20-percent of Americans using them monthly. Yet, there’s still a huge opportunity to use classifieds more, and provide a better experience. San Diego is a great market for Close5 and was chosen for the launch because it has strong smartphone usage, and a great mixed demographic. In particular, it’s a safe, well-connected market, and it’s easy to get around for trading, and has a strong and concentrated media market. Whereas, other metropolis cities are tougher to break into because they might have pockets of users, or demographics that do not fit together, San Diego is a solid, open, and safe mobile environment compared with some other larger cities. Since the launch, the goal is to develop and hone Close5 in San Diego and launch it into other markets. The Close5 team, which is based in San Jose, plans to roll the app out next in Northern California and Las Vegas.

For more information on or to join and download the Close5 app, please visit www.close5.com.