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SAN DIEGO, CA–(April 20, 2015) – Recently launched out of beta, Midigator is a chargeback reporting and management solution designed to keep businesses protected. Created by advertising and technology company Lodestar, LLC, Midigator is the first of several tools within Lodestar, a software suite for businesses to improve efficiency and profitability.

Midigator provides real-time merchant account monitoring and fights chargebacks to win a business’ revenue back. Its in depth analytics enable a business to take preemptive action against chargebacks, keeping their merchant accounts profitable and alive.

Midigator is the only fully-automated reporting tool in the market that downloads chargeback data in real-time, allowing merchants to monitor all of their accounts’ activity. Its patent-pending management technology saves valuable time, helping businesses to focus on what’s important.

“The software was originally created by merchants to use for themselves before it became a commercial tool, making it extremely reliable and relevant. Midigator is automated so there is no room for human error and the data is collected instantaneously without human delay,” says Corey Baggett, CEO of Lodestar, LLC “Additionally, our pricing is so low compared to handling chargebacks in-house or other chargeback companies out there. We’re able to give a great price because our technology does most of the work.”

Midigator creates a robust and optimized package for every chargeback received, containing all of the supporting evidence to dispute the chargeback on behalf of the merchant. Therefore, merchants’ chargebacks are rebutted instantaneously with accuracy, while a dedicated in-house team provides constant quality assurance to achieve the highest win rates possible.

Midigator is the most sophisticated chargeback reporting and management platform in the industry. Additionally, Midigator’s use of technology is transforming the chargeback industry and helping businesses operate more efficiently and achieve a higher level of profitability.

About Lodestar, LLC.:
Lodestar, LLC. is a software and technology company focused on innovation in advertising and ecommerce solutions, vital to transforming industries. From digital advertising to software tools like Midigator, their core focus is helping businesses grow and thrive to their fullest extent.

HOUSECALL_PRO_LOGO-1SAN DIEGO (February 23, 2015) – HouseCall Pro introduces additional features to their already comprehensive tool for service professionals. HouseCall Pro is a low-cost, full-suite tool that enables service professionals to run their entire business from a smartphone and complimentary web portal. Since January of 2015 HouseCall Pro has grown its customer base from one city to 257 cities nationwide. The app supports professionals with all aspects of their daily workflow. The latest additions to the HouseCall Pro software include: integration with QuickBooks Online, recurring job set-up from the web, a dynamic employee web scheduler and the ability to add company tax rate to job details.

On average 95 percent of service professionals and small businesses utilize QuickBooks for accounting needs. The integration of QuickBooks Online into HouseCall Pro includes QuickBooks’ customer import, and automated job and expense reporting. This addition allows service professionals to save time and become more efficient in their business operations.

“We want to offer features that allow a service professional to grow their business and save time. We listened to our customers and put our heads together to come up with resources that will take their business to the next level,” said Ian Heidt, CEO and co-founder of HouseCall. “Since launching we have witnessed our users achieve great success. We have noticed that our software is not only effective for home service professionals, but really any entrepreneur or small business that is ready to take their business operations to the next step.”

In addition to the QuickBooks integration, HouseCall Pro’s new features give service professionals greater insight into day-to-day business operations. The dynamic web scheduler now allows administrators to see full-spectrum employee schedules with custom time slot views for optimized technician time management. The ability to set up recurring service appointments from HouseCall Pro’s complimentary web portal will make job scheduling easier and significantly reduce customer drop-off rates. Furthermore, service professionals can provide customers with comprehensive invoices and receipts that include company tax rate with job details.

Since launching its services in San Diego in early 2014, HouseCall Pro has quickly positioned itself as the premier home services platform connecting local, trusted service professionals with home owners and renters. HouseCall Pro is lowering the barrier to what would otherwise be a complex technology adoption; simplifying high-tech tools to help small businesses upgrade their operations and better compete in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

HouseCall Pro users have completed thousands of home maintenance jobs. Using this all-encompassing tool, service professionals, on average, have doubled their business, check out http://lovetopivot.com/. Additionally, they’ve been able to easily retain existing clients and acquire new clients through the award-winning HouseCall consumer marketplace.

“Our software, on average, saves professionals 15 to 20 hours a week on administrative and process intensive tasks. We are on a mission to level the playing field for small businesses and to provide them with top quality business tools,” said Co-founder Roland Ligtenberg.

As an all-in-one tool for service professionals, HouseCall Pro will continue to listen to users and add on features that will help them run successful businesses. HouseCall Pro is offered at a low, monthly cost and is available to download in the App Store for iOS and Android devices.



The HouseCall Pro app is a full-service tool that enables professionals to run their entire business from their smartphone and with a complimentary web portal. The app is offered at a low-cost and supports service professionals with business workflow, such as job scheduling, customer database, invoicing and payment processing, technician dispatch, and much more, all with fully integrated access to the HouseCall marketplace.
Prior to founding HouseCall, Ian Heidt, Adam Perry-Pelletier, Chris Zwickilton, Roland Ligtenberg, and Reza Olfat developed smartphone technologies at Qualcomm. Together they helped found the company’s innovation division, Qualcomm Labs, an incubator focused on leading innovation in new wireless product development and developed the groundbreaking Gimbal platform. HouseCall is funded by a global venture capital group, e.ventures, who were initial investors in companies like Angie’s List and Groupon, and Canter Capital with participation from KGC Capital. Their advisors include the San Diego general manager of Uber and former general manager of new products at Service Magic (now HomeAdvisor).
HouseCall Pro is free and available now to download in the App Store for iOS and Android devices.
For more information please visit, http://pro.tryhousecall.com/.

Connect: facebook.com/HouseCallApp, twitter.com/HouseCall, youtube.com/HouseCallApp, instagram.com/housecall.

San Diego, CA— October 3, 2014 — On Thursday, October 30, The Jewish Federation of San Diego County will host its second FEDTalks speaker series at 6:30 p.m. at Scripps Research Institute (10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive, 92121). The FEDTalks series is modeled after the wildly successful TEDTalks in which speakers are challenged to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes or less to a live audience. These short, powerful talks will showcase the best and brightest our fine city has to offer.

October’s FEDTalk speakers will highlight the ground-breaking, innovative individuals who are leading San Diego’s scientific and hi-tech sectors. More information at www.jewishinsandiego.org/fedtalks

ETHAN SENTURIA is the founder of DealStruck.com, an innovative website that utilizes crowd funding to facilitate small business loans with less paperwork than traditional banks and much lower interest rates than alternative funding sources. Dealstruck has rapidly grown into a major player in the crowdfunding marketplace, moving millions of dollars each month in small business loans.

DAVID HAMMEL is one of the brains behind Vioozer – the next must have app for your smart phone. Vioozer provides location based real-time information to mobile users, and is comparable to the famous Israeli app “Waze”, which was recently bought by Google for $1.3 billion dollars.

ASAF DANZAN is the mind behind Openoffer.com – a real estate tool that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate prices before they place or receive a written offer – revolutionizing the home buying process for all parties. Born and raised in Israel, Asaf is an innovative leader in the online Real Estate market.

VANCE LOPEZ & JAMIE WEISMAN are two master’s students from the UCSD US-Israel Center on Innovation and Economic Sustainability. Both of these outstanding, budding entrepreneurs spent their last semester interning at hi-tech start-ups in Israel. They will discuss their experiences working at an Israeli start-up during the Gaza conflict.

ADAM FURMAN is the man behind TwoLikeYou.com – a community building website co-founded with neuroscientist, David Lorber, Ph.D. Together they created a private social platform that connects similar members within an organization. Their proprietary algorithms, coupled with a fun and interactive interface, provide valuable insight for organizational leaders to drive participation and strengthen relationships.
FEDTalk is a completely secular event open to anyone with an interest in San Diego’s scientific and hi-tech business sectors. The cost of the event is $18. More than 120 people are expected to attend— Register early to ensure a seat.

About The Jewish Federation of San Diego County
The Jewish Federation of San Diego County is dedicated to building a vibrant and inclusive local Jewish community, and to enhancing the well-being of Jews in San Diego, Israel, and throughout the world.

As one of more than 150 Federations in North America and part of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), the Jewish Federation of San Diego County has helped to build one of the most impressive charitable networks in the world.

The funding for ForwardMetrics, which has launched an enterprise cloud platform that improves innovation, collaboration, communication and performance, was raised from private individuals.

“Our company is very proud to have the backing of investors that understand the power and enormous potential of our cloud-based software and fast-growing community site for consultants and business leaders,” ForwardMetrics CEO Ozzie DiVinere said. “Business will never be the same, it’s time for companies both large and small to leverage smarter tools that help them achieve goals and produce results.”

The company will use the funding to expand staffing to support its fast-growing customer base.

The company’s products include: FM Navigator: A unique platform for easily creating and executing plans for any objective. Not just brainstorming, the fastest way to build plans on the planet, then see them bought to life.

Client Navigator: A special version with a set of additional tools designed specifically for consultants and executive coaches that offer new ways to work with existing clients and attract new ones.

FM Community: A fast-growing business networking site, where executives connect with thought leaders and inspiring content to foster new business relationships and opportunities.

About ForwardMetrics
ForwardMetrics is changing how organizations achieve results. Based in Southern California, the company’s passion is helping companies grow and achieve goals. Visit www.fowardmetrics.com or follow our social: @ForwardMetrics, facebook.com/forwardmetrics, http://www.linkedin.com/company/forwardmetrics. For all PR inquiries, contact Director of Marketing Andrew Hard at 917-660-5418 or email him at [email protected] and Cameron Crow at [email protected].

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