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Today, VikPik Corporation, makers of the VikPik app, announced the public availability of their PikFire APIs, which enable any developer to easily offer location-based sharing of photos and videos to their own app users.

App developers, especially those focused on sports, concerts, festivals, and news happenings are losing content shared by their users to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The PikFire APIs instantly create connection and sharing between their own event goers, fans, and followers, increasing engagement and leveraging their content to drive traffic back to where it creates the most value for them, their own app and website.

VikPik’s mission is to fill the huge gap that today the leading social networks overlook, namely, the social connection of people who share common experiences but who don’t already know each other. The paradigm of following and connecting with other users, so rigorously followed by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram prohibits the easy sharing and connection of event goers and fans at sporting events, concerts, festivals and anywhere news is happening.

VikPik’s own app, and now the PikFire APIs for app developers take advantage of this opportunity to create new ways of sharing and connection between people who don’t already know each other.

VikPik Corporation is private, backed by angels from Microsoft, Compel and SmartDraw and has offices in San Diego and San Francisco, CA.

[email protected]

Daniel Hoffman, Founder and CEO

SAN DIEGO, CA. – A new app called Close5 is now revolutionizing the way people buy and sell goods and it has been launched right here in San Diego. The Close5 app comes into the San Diego market with a heavy bat behind it, being powered by a division of eBay, ebay Classifieds Group.

The premise behind the app is that when anyone wants to buy or sell anything, they should have the ease of shopping or selling within 5 miles of wherever they are – for the good of their community and the environment. It provides a fun and safe way to buy and sell home goods, kitchen appliances, fashion accessories and baby and kids items locally at just the click of an app.

Imagine your garage or your house cluttered. Now, imagine being able to buy and sell new and used baby, children’s and maternity clothing, handcrafted gifts, toys, strollers, wagons, tricycles, car seats, high chairs, play pens and other furniture. You can save money or make extra pocket change with a simple, safe transition. Thus far, the top selling items in San Diego on Close5 are home goods, baby items and women’s fashion. What sets Close5 apart from Craigslist and other online sites, is the “customer experience” as well as their community centric neighborhood focus.

According to the head of marketing of Close5, Bart Molenda, classifieds have approximately 20-percent of Americans using them monthly. Yet, there’s still a huge opportunity to use classifieds more, and provide a better experience. San Diego is a great market for Close5 and was chosen for the launch because it has strong smartphone usage, and a great mixed demographic. In particular, it’s a safe, well-connected market, and it’s easy to get around for trading, and has a strong and concentrated media market. Whereas, other metropolis cities are tougher to break into because they might have pockets of users, or demographics that do not fit together, San Diego is a solid, open, and safe mobile environment compared with some other larger cities. Since the launch, the goal is to develop and hone Close5 in San Diego and launch it into other markets. The Close5 team, which is based in San Jose, plans to roll the app out next in Northern California and Las Vegas.

For more information on or to join and download the Close5 app, please visit www.close5.com.

HOUSECALL_PRO_LOGO-1SAN DIEGO (February 23, 2015) – HouseCall Pro introduces additional features to their already comprehensive tool for service professionals. HouseCall Pro is a low-cost, full-suite tool that enables service professionals to run their entire business from a smartphone and complimentary web portal. Since January of 2015 HouseCall Pro has grown its customer base from one city to 257 cities nationwide. The app supports professionals with all aspects of their daily workflow. The latest additions to the HouseCall Pro software include: integration with QuickBooks Online, recurring job set-up from the web, a dynamic employee web scheduler and the ability to add company tax rate to job details.

On average 95 percent of service professionals and small businesses utilize QuickBooks for accounting needs. The integration of QuickBooks Online into HouseCall Pro includes QuickBooks’ customer import, and automated job and expense reporting. This addition allows service professionals to save time and become more efficient in their business operations.

“We want to offer features that allow a service professional to grow their business and save time. We listened to our customers and put our heads together to come up with resources that will take their business to the next level,” said Ian Heidt, CEO and co-founder of HouseCall. “Since launching we have witnessed our users achieve great success. We have noticed that our software is not only effective for home service professionals, but really any entrepreneur or small business that is ready to take their business operations to the next step.”

In addition to the QuickBooks integration, HouseCall Pro’s new features give service professionals greater insight into day-to-day business operations. The dynamic web scheduler now allows administrators to see full-spectrum employee schedules with custom time slot views for optimized technician time management. The ability to set up recurring service appointments from HouseCall Pro’s complimentary web portal will make job scheduling easier and significantly reduce customer drop-off rates. Furthermore, service professionals can provide customers with comprehensive invoices and receipts that include company tax rate with job details.

Since launching its services in San Diego in early 2014, HouseCall Pro has quickly positioned itself as the premier home services platform connecting local, trusted service professionals with home owners and renters. HouseCall Pro is lowering the barrier to what would otherwise be a complex technology adoption; simplifying high-tech tools to help small businesses upgrade their operations and better compete in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

HouseCall Pro users have completed thousands of home maintenance jobs. Using this all-encompassing tool, service professionals, on average, have doubled their business, check out http://lovetopivot.com/. Additionally, they’ve been able to easily retain existing clients and acquire new clients through the award-winning HouseCall consumer marketplace.

“Our software, on average, saves professionals 15 to 20 hours a week on administrative and process intensive tasks. We are on a mission to level the playing field for small businesses and to provide them with top quality business tools,” said Co-founder Roland Ligtenberg.

As an all-in-one tool for service professionals, HouseCall Pro will continue to listen to users and add on features that will help them run successful businesses. HouseCall Pro is offered at a low, monthly cost and is available to download in the App Store for iOS and Android devices.



The HouseCall Pro app is a full-service tool that enables professionals to run their entire business from their smartphone and with a complimentary web portal. The app is offered at a low-cost and supports service professionals with business workflow, such as job scheduling, customer database, invoicing and payment processing, technician dispatch, and much more, all with fully integrated access to the HouseCall marketplace.
Prior to founding HouseCall, Ian Heidt, Adam Perry-Pelletier, Chris Zwickilton, Roland Ligtenberg, and Reza Olfat developed smartphone technologies at Qualcomm. Together they helped found the company’s innovation division, Qualcomm Labs, an incubator focused on leading innovation in new wireless product development and developed the groundbreaking Gimbal platform. HouseCall is funded by a global venture capital group, e.ventures, who were initial investors in companies like Angie’s List and Groupon, and Canter Capital with participation from KGC Capital. Their advisors include the San Diego general manager of Uber and former general manager of new products at Service Magic (now HomeAdvisor).
HouseCall Pro is free and available now to download in the App Store for iOS and Android devices.
For more information please visit, http://pro.tryhousecall.com/.

Connect: facebook.com/HouseCallApp, twitter.com/HouseCall, youtube.com/HouseCallApp, instagram.com/housecall.

San Diego, June 7, 2013 – How many times have you asked the question: What should we do tonight? Now, you can just leave things to Fate® – an app released Friday by local Encinitas mobile software provider S3CO – to solve any social stalemate. Whether you’re in a group, on a date, with family or alone, Fate suggests activities suited to your personal tastes. Just tap the answers to a few quick questions about your mood, how much money you want to spend or the type of people you’re with – and Fate will show you the path out of boredom. And so nothing is left to chance, Fate allows for secure integration with Facebook and Twitter to build you a profile for your best possible recommendations. Put Fate in the palm of your hand today by visiting http://www.fateapp.com or purchase at the introductory price of $1.99 in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Market under Fate App.

“Fate isn’t just another magic 8-ball app. There’s intelligence behind every recommendation,” said S3CO founder Kurt Stump, whose background in financial data modeling adds to the intuitive dimensions of the application. “Also, Fate isn’t just going to direct you to that restaurant down the street that’s paying for advertising.” Fate is a breakthrough application, which uses patent pending technology to look at multiple factors of your Online Persona™ including your Facebook profile, likes, check-ins, photo comments, and status updates as well as your Twitter timeline and tweets – all to give a remarkably customized response. You can turn-off the Facebook and Twitter integrations, if you’d like, and still receive solid advice about how to spend your day or night. Just remember, Fate’s integrations also allow you to receive specific recommendations on local restaurants, shops, bars, clubs, and attractions wherever you are. Oh, and don’t worry – Fate doesn’t transfer any of your Facebook or Twitter data off of your device and deletes it as soon as you log off.

Fate works for any social situation. Whether you’re going on a romantic first date, heading to Las Vegas, taking your dog out to brunch, home alone or spending the day with the kids – Fate works for you. Answer as many or as few question as you like. Fine tune your results with the thumbs-up/down feature, banish annoying activities from future searches, and even add ‘inside jokes’ or local hangouts to your activity results. Get things moving by sharing what Fate tells you to do via Twitter or Facebook and tag your friends in the group.

Fate is now in your hands and ready to be installed on your phone.

Based in Encinitas, CA, S3CO was formed in 2013 by entrepreneur Kurt Stump. Visit http://www.s3co.com for more information.

If you would like further information on Fate or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact:
Kurt Stump, Founder S3CO
Phone: +1 (858) 412-0365
Email: [email protected]

To download Fate: