SubleaseHub adds sublets/short-term housing rentals to San Diego area

Los Angeles based short term-rental online listing service, SubleaseHub, announced that it has begun adding sublets/short-term housing rentals in the San Diego area to its web directory. The site, which has already been a mainstay in the Los Angeles and Orange County short-term rental market, hopes to become a quality avenue for San Diego’s short-term renters and residents/hosts.

SubleaseHub, sometimes known as “SLH,” offers a welcome change to traditional online rental websites, in that its listings are primarily flexible lease terms (“month-to-month”) and usually furnished. The site is geared towards renters who have recently moved to the San Diego area and are looking to rent with low commitment. The site is carefully monitored for transparency and content that enhances the listings, such as images and contact information. “Too often, renters get lost in a maze of websites that either don’t give the correct information or restrict that information to use as a bait and switch technique ” says Gad Zigdon, co-founder of the start-up. “SLH aims to level the playing field by making it easier.”

In addition to month-to-month rentals and sublets, SLH is also offers vacation rentals in San Diego for those looking for nightly and weekly stays. This aspect of the start-up makes it a destination similar to other short term listing directories such as Homeaway or Airbnb. The difference, though, is that SubleaseHub doesn’t act as a broker between two parties, but rather as a free platform that brings the two together.

Since first launching the site in early 2014, SubleaseHub has positioned itself as a viable alternative to the industry standard platforms for flexible-term rentals. SLH is a free website to both renters and residents/hosts. New arrivals to southern California have taken note of its accessible database that is available without membership fees, unlike other SoCal based rental property sites that require hefty sign-up costs for durations lasting well beyond what a typical renter needs to find a new place.

“Many renters are frustrated with the current offerings from online classifieds. In addition, homeowners and tenants are increasingly burdened by the avalanche of fees and taxes popular home sharing sites require them to pay to book their properties,” adds Zigdon.

Zigdon sees in San Diego a void that needs to be filled by a platform that takes the filler out of the multitude of potential rentals/landlords. “San Diego has a dynamic rental market, and so a city that exhibits such movement and change needs a platform that responds to that change.”

About SubleaseHub

SubleaseHub is an online directory, almost exclusively devoted to short-term room rental, sublets of varying durations, and vacation rentals. It was founded by Gad Zigdon and Nir Dayan, both of Los Angeles. The company started a few years after the two founders were managing short term rentals in Los Angeles. They realized that many of the online websites where they listed their rentals either had no transparency, were expensive or had excessively tight restrictions. They decided to start the site and create a community (“hub”) for people who have space they would like to rent out, and for renters looking for space on flexible terms.

SLH is due to launch its mobile version this year, and expect it to further crystallize the site’s goal of allowing users to rent out their place and have an easier and more practical outlet. For those looking for a place to rent, the mobile version will encompass its desktop directory/map to help them find flexible living arrangements in their locale.

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