STC-SD Monthly Presentation Features Liz Fraley on Repurposing Content for Multichannel Publishing

Repurposing Content for Multichannel Publishing

On February 10th, Liz Fraley from Single-Sourcing Solutions will discuss Repurposing Content for Multichannel Publishing.

When Management decides to go to an XML publishing system, it’s not always clear to the authoring and editing staff why the decision was made. Ever wonder why they choose to go this route? In this presentation, Liz will discuss some of the reasons companies choose to go away from desktop publishing systems to something more dynamic, so that you not only understand it better but can get excited about the change.

Liz will be bringing some Adobe TCS5 DVDs with her to use as door prizes. We’ll be giving one away at her session and using the rest for future door prizes!

About Liz
Before founding Single-Sourcing Solutions, Liz worked in both high-tech and government sectors, developing and delivering technical design and strategy of authoring and publishing solutions as a Single-Source/XML Architect/Programmer. She’s the founder of TC Camp, the unconference for content creators, consumers, and the people who support them. Visit If you ask her, she’ll say she’s a gardener who’s happiest when those around her are flourishing.

Liz is a terrific speaker, who often speaks to our San Jose STC Chapter. We’re really happy she’s agreed to come to San Diego to be our guest presenter!

We will return to our regular spot in La Jolla. Elijah’s has not relocated yet so we’ll be back there for the February meeting.

La Jolla Village Square,
8861 Villa La Jolla Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 455-1461

For more details about this event and to register, go to!

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