Open Web Application Security Project San Diego (OWASP-SD) [online]

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July 18, 2024    
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Meets every third Thursday of the month

every hacker lives in their own context, with their current sphere of influence.
most hackers can do more than they imagine possible, but the risk of failure is great.
f*ck failure. or rather, thank failure.
my context is unlike any i imagined for myself. i’ll tell you a bit about how i got here, the things i controlled, the things i did not. then we’ll discuss binary reversing and exploitation. we’ll talk about emulation and symboliks and graph-theory. we’ll discuss the halting problem, and our view of infinity. then we’ll discuss tool-making, my closet-first-love. then we’ll discuss you.

Speaker: @at1as / “atlas 0fd00m”

Speaker Bio:
from instructing to programming to server support to telecommunications to infosec to binary reversing to vulndev, atlas has done a lot, seen a lot, and is not ancient, just yet. perhaps most widely known for leading defcon ctf team “1@stplace” (pronounced “last-place”) or possibly for creating RfCat, atlas has been fortunate to work with amazing people hacking everything from Virtual Machines(VMware), SmartMeters and other power grid/control-systems, Vehicles, ATMs, and , and benefited from the power of investing in others.