PIZICATO.com, Fan-Powered Digital Donation Platform for Musicians, Launches Free Mobile App for iOS

SAN DIEGO (May 13, 2015) – Today, PIZICATO, the digital donation platform for musicians powered by fans, launched a mobile app for iOS. This app and technology is the first of its kind and unites the musician and fan through digital and social platforms, allowing users to directly impact the musician’s career path and quality of life. Music fans can now donate to any artist or band when they are most inspired to, whether it is at a concert or when they hear a new song for the first time. This innovative new app acts as a digital donation jar, empowering anyone to take a stand on sustaining the music industry instantly from the palm of their hand.

Currently, the app is equipped with a user-friendly search tool for fans to identify their favorite musician or band. Once a musician or band signs up they receive a unique QR code to freely use on their promotional and marketing materials. The QR code feature takes users to the musician’s PIZICATO profile page to make it even easier to donate and support. The app also has a flashlight to use when in dim venues or at night festivals and concerts. The platform works by using Facebook’s application programming interface (API) to connect the fan to the musician’s Facebook Page. This allows the fan to donate directly to the artist, band, or musician of their choice via PayPal. The donations are all tax-free to the artist, and the artist receives 82 percent of the donations made. The rest goes back to PIZICATO.com to cover PayPal fees and operational costs to ensure continued donating, thereby creating a more sustainable music industry.

“Being a lifelong music fan, I love how easy it has become to listen to my favorite music and discover new artists through online streaming sites; however, I am disappointed with how these changes have impacted the way artists are compensated. The launch of this app is a very important component to our business model because it enables fans to give back to music with a press of a button while they are in the moment at live shows,” explained Jeff Storm, longtime entrepreneur and co-founder of PIZICATO. “Music is such a personal, visceral experience and some of it resonates so deeply that I’d like to personally say thank you to the artists and share how they’ve impacted my life. We believe PIZICATO.com and our new app are effective ways to make a difference,” stated Jeano Erforth, co-founder of PIZICATO.

The digital platform and app are currently only optimized for donating to musicians and bands. Profile support is not yet available in the app, but musicians and fans can create an account at www.PIZICATO.com. The minimum donation is four dollars and artists are able to send a personalized note to their fans after receiving the donation, allowing for a deeper sense of community and connection.

For more information on how to sign up or to learn more, please visit: www.PIZICATO.com
or download the free app now in the App Store.


pizzicato 1 |ˌpitsəˈkädō|
adverb [ no obj. ]
(Often as a direction) plucking the strings of a violin or other stringed instrument with one’s finger.

PIZICATO is a new digital platform and app, available for iOS, which allows fans to donate directly to musicians. Join the PIZICATO revolution and pull your own music strings. For more information on PIZICATO, please visit www.PIZICATO. Become a Facebook fan at Facebook.com/WeArePIZICATO, join our circle on Google+ or follow PIZICATO on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Spotify at @WeArePIZICATO.

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