The SD Tech Scene Calendar is open to anyone that hosts tech events, organizes tech related events or is helping promoting the culture of the San Diego tech community and events. The calendar that’s used on the home page is made of several layers of Google calendars, one of them is the Open Access calendar shared with others in our tech scene.

To gain access request login credentials here. We’ll provide you with user login and password info so you can post your events.

General Rules:

  • Check before the home page calendar first before posting. Many people already have access, please check the home page calendar first to make sure your event isn’t already posted.
  • Post links at the top so users can go to your site easily
  • Keep the descriptions short. Too long of a description and it gets cut off
  • Please, tech related events only or social events related to tech
  • Don’t delete or mess with other posts unless you have the authority to do so
  • Want more exposure? Let us know and we’ll give you access to the blog.
  • Since most of us are already logged in to Gmail, use Google Chrome CTRL+SHFT+N to login in as Incognito mode so you don’t have to log out of your personal account.

Open Access Google Calendar Link:
Login Email:
[email protected]

Happy posting!

Phelan Riessen
SD Tech Scene

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