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Website: http://www.fablabsd.org

Twitter: @fablabsd

Hashtag: #fablabsd

FAB LAB is focused on developing creative learning experiences for people of all ages, and engaging students and community to explore ideas through the use of innovative technology.

We welcome anyone interested in discussing or promoting physical fabrication and community-building based on digital techniques (2d cutting and folding, 3d printing and milling, etching, circuits, microprocessors, Web design, etc).

In 2007, a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the San Diego-based non-profit Heads On Fire allowed for the creation of an advanced digital design and fabrication laboratory where community members can utilize high-tech tools to actualize ideas through design and fabrication.

Today, in addition to localized learning, Fab Lab programs are available in a distributed format, bringing the opportunity to turn concepts into creations to as many community members as possible. Fab Lab programs offer experiences in design, science, engineering, electronics, computation, mathematics and the scientific method, through project-based learning, resulting in personal development and real-world skill attainment.

By promoting learning that addresses empirical education, innovation, production and creativity, we aim to provide accessible and applicable educational experiences for individual learners in order to support the development of more ingenious and resourceful communities.