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If you want to become an Entrepreneur, this is your best opportunity. This employment opportunity will allow you to become a part owner in an exciting new web-based company.

Consider that many major Internet-based company’s were started by small groups of individuals working together. Yahoo was founded by two graduate students. Google also can trace it’s origins to a couple of graduate students. Facebook, Youtube, Ebay, LinkedIn…the list goes on. All of these companies started small, grew quickly, became household names and provided their founders with a great deal of professional success.

How are these founders different than the average person? Is it that they have amazing ideas that no one else has? Did they just get lucky? Good ideas and good fortune help, but all of these founders success stems from the fact that they worked hard and were willing to “take a risk” on an exciting, new adventure.

I’m seeking people who have the same desire to build a new business from scratch. This new business will be developed from the ground up. It will be a web-based organization. Further details will be provided to the individuals who are selected for this employment opportunity.

Just who am I? I’m a business owner with over 20 years experience running my own companies. I currently own and operate two companies, both of which I built from scratch. I am putting together a small team of individuals to create this new business.

Specifically I am seeking the following type of person:
• Self-motivated, self-directed; someone who sees a problem and starts working on a solution
• Strong experience with online social networking
• Technical skills, such as web site development or programming are required
• Most important: the motivation to learn. Starting a new business involves a huge learning curve and the willingness to absorb new tactics and techniques.

This is an offer of employment in which you will work part time for the company in exchange for stock (ownership) in the company. This is not a “get rich” quick scheme nor a MLM. You will not be asked to invest money into the company, but rather your time and effort in which your will be compensated with stock.

If you are interested, please be aware that you should already be supporting yourself through some other means. As with most successful new businesses, this one won’t be designed to generate initial cash flow, but rather grow (hopefully quickly) into a thriving business. Rewards will come in the form of making the business profitable and receiving a share of this profit via your ownership in the company.

If you are still interested, please respond to this post with the following:

#1. A brief description about yourself. Focus on your character traits that would make you a good fit for this opportunity. Please keep this description to under 500 words (about a page of text in a word processor programmer).
#2. A resume.
#3. Your current status (college student, employed, self-employed, etc.). Again, I expect that you will have another source of income, so having a full-time job or being a college student is not a “negative”.

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