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Unlocking Success: The Psychology of Sales & Overcoming Fear

January 31 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Series Description:

Whether you are a student startup founder with a brand new idea, a small business owner with a side project, or a seasoned business mogul, the Entrepreneur Workshops focus on a variety of topics pertinent to your journey. Sponsored by Perkins and Coie and hosted by the Office of Innovation and Commercialization’s The Basement, these workshops are open to everyone. We invite you to register for as many sessions as you are interested in! Light refreshments will be provided.

Event Description:

This workshop explores the transformative journey of conquering the apprehension and discomfort associated with sales by delving into the intricate psychology and power dynamics that shape the interaction between sellers and buyers. By gaining a profound understanding of the underlying principles that govern these dynamics, participants will uncover invaluable insights that empower them to navigate sales situations with confidence and finesse. Through strategic insights and practical techniques, this workshop aims to not only demystify the fear of selling but also illuminate the path toward leveraging sales skills as a key driver of success in business and in life. Attend this workshop to gain the confidence you need to learn how to embrace sales as a key to success.

About the Speakers:

Joseph Ram | CEO, Sparq Innovations, LLC | LinkedIn

Joseph, a visionary entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of Sparq Innovations since February 2018, focusing on business management and product sourcing. Before Sparq, he founded & led InfoSonics Corp from 1994 to March 2018. Under his leadership, InfoSonics became a pioneering distributor in North America, expanding into S. America and Africa. Joseph’s strategic decisions, including navigating industry shifts and developing a proprietary line of mobile phones, positioned InfoSonics as a key player in the telecom sector. His legacy reflects adaptability, innovation, and leadership. Now at Sparq Innovations, Joseph continues to drive success through his  experience and entrepreneurial spirit

Jeff Belk  | CEO, OCreati Advisors| LinkedIn

Jeffrey Belk is a globally known technology executive, leader, and communicator. For decades, Jeffrey has driven emerging company and industry growth, first in the emerging Personal Computer industry, and then through the geometric growth of the Wireless Communications industry from 2G, to 3G, 4G, and today’s 5G Wireless & Advanced Video, as well as Connected Health, and and a broad array of complementary technologies.

Jeffrey spent almost 14 years at Qualcomm Inc, departing as Senior Vice President, Strategy & Market Development, and played a core role in the company’s growth from $200M in 1994 to $7B+ in 2008. Since 2008, Jeffrey has worked as a Public and Private Company Board Member, Senior Executive, Retained Advisor, and Strategist, helping companies to grow, scale globally, partner, finance, IPO, exit, and create strategies to prosper in a complex “4D Chess” business environment.