eAngel – Human Proofreading App – is launching in San Diego, and is looking for Email Angels

Email is such an important part of office life that most people don’t even notice how often they use it. Regardless of where you are in the world, if you work in some sort of an office – odds are you use email constantly. Email has become almost as intuitive as natural conversation, and perhaps that’s its biggest drawback: If you make a mistake, you can’t take it back. eAngel is a service that makes sure no mistakes leave your outbox.

In the simplest of terms, eAngel is a personal proofreader for your email. Whether you’re sending too many emails a day to bother proofreading each one, have problems spelling, or are simply sending emails that are not in your mother tongue – eAngel is the perfect solution for you. The platform enables you to send email in perfect English, Spanish, French and German, without the recipient ever being aware that your email was proofread.

eAngel is now officially launching and offering its service to the public. It is the ultimate platform for people who need to communicate in a foreign language on a daily basis. The service is very affordable and the company offers a free five-email trial.

Using eAngel is a breeze: After installing the Chrome extension, You write the email as you always do, click the ‘Send with eAngel’ button and the email is sent to one of the angels. After they email is proofread and corrected, the corrected version is sent to the recipient and you get a version with the changes tracked, so you can learn from your mistakes.

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