SAN DIEGO, September 22, 2014 – Joseph S. Erle of 5th Avenue Insurance announces that he will be sponsoring “Making Your Startup Investor Friendly”.

This is an entrepreneurial workshop presented by the Entrepreneurial Advisory Council, a group of professionals that serve San Diego’s growing number of innovators, entrepreneurs, and startup businesses. The free event takes place on Wednesday October 8th, 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., in La Jolla UTC at 9171 Towne Centre Dr. #180.

Attending this workshop will give observers of the tech industry an insight to the very core of San Diego startup culture. Presenters will speak on topics that include business growth planning, proactive legal planning, and business valuation for startups.

Joe’s experience and connections in supporting the San Diego tech industry has put him in a key position to comment on the local tech community, from a business and financial perspective.

Joseph S. Erle has an MBA with a Concentration in Technology Project Management. He is an enthusiastic booster of the local technology industry. Following in the family footsteps, Joe has habits for keeping a clean house and years of experience in commercial insurance, his father was an insurance broker for twenty years, and his brother is also an insurance broker.

5th Avenue insurance is a well-established San Diego insurance agency with 30 employees, serving California, Nevada, and Arizona since 1983. Joe has been at the company for six years and worked in every aspect of commercial insurance coverage.

To RSVP for the workshop go to:

Joe’s page on the 5th Ave. Insurance website:

Securing Our eCity Foundation, an award-winning San Diego non-profit focused on cybersecurity awareness and education, and their partner, CyberTECH a non-profit focused on catalyzing business opportunities and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), are announcing this year’s CyberFest2014.

The day-long event takes place on Thursday, October 1, 2014, from 7:00am to 7:00pm at the Stone Brewery in Liberty Station and is open to anyone wanting to learn about one of the fastest growing and innovative areas on the planet – the Internet of Things. Partnering with CyberTECH and raising the much needed perspective on how we will secure the IoT, this year’s presentations will delve into this next big wave – and discuss topics such as, the IoT infrastructure and Human Factoring, Security and Privacy, Business Impact on Critical Infrastructure and the whole future of the Internet. The event will focus on critical elements of cybersecurity for small and medium businesses.

Thanks to the engaged sponsors, Securing Our eCity Foundation has arranged for a limited number ofcity/county and active duty military registrations to be complimentary. Interested parties should send an email to Standard fees for the event are $50.00 per person, which includes conference materials, breakfast, lunch and brews & bites networking reception with fellow cyber-techs.

“CyberFest2014 brings together top minds in the community to discuss defending our city and nation against cyber crimes,” said Darin Andersen, President & CEO of CyberUnited. “This annual symposium enables the attendees to leave with meaningful information and a better understanding of best practices when it comes to protecting their business.”

To date, CyberFest2014 sponsors include: ESET North America, Bridgepoint Education, AIS, Diseno,, San Diego Gas & Electric,Mintz Levin and California Coast Credit Union. Sponsorships are still available.

For more information about the event or to register, visit

About Securing Our eCity Foundation
Securing Our eCity Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization focused on cybersecurity awareness and education. Their mission is to enable every San Diegan to live, work and play safely in the cyber world.

The Foundation, formed in late 2011, is based on an initiative started in mid-2008 by ESET North America, an internet security company. Supported through generous donations from organizations like ESET North America and San Diego Gas & Electric, SOeC helps facilitate a safer cyber experience for digital citizens in the greater San Diego area.

For more information, visit or call 619-630-2444.

Anametrix for Tableau Debuts as First Multichannel Marketing Analytics Platform for Tableau

Anametrix Enables Marketers to Optimize Performance by Unifying, Analyzing and Reporting Multichannel Data Using Tableau

SEATTLE – TABLEAU CONFERENCE – Sept. 8, 2014 – Anametrix, the first cloud-based, real-time marketing analytics platform, today launches Anametrix for Tableau, the first to combine multichannel marketing analytics with Tableau. Introduced at the Tableau Conference, the solution gives marketers the ability to unify multichannel data, perform drill-down analytics and share insights using the full functionality of Tableau.

• Anametrix for Tableau is the first and only solution to combine marketing analytics with Tableau, the industry-leading business intelligence platform, enabling marketers to more easily use data to make decisions and optimize performance across all marketing channels.
• The Anametrix solution automatically consolidates data from dozens of marketing sources into a cloud-based data warehouse, enabling marketers to liberate their data from third-party vendors − including web analytics, email, advertising, social and mobile platforms. Marketers can then analyze and visualize performance of marketing programs entirely within Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server, easily building interactive dashboards and reports from multiple devices.
• Anametrix for Tableau is fully cloud-based, providing marketing organizations with all the capabilities of Tableau without having to purchase hardware or install complex server software. Alternatively, customers can use their own licenses of Tableau inside their own corporate firewalls.
• Visit Anametrix at the Tableau Conference 2014 this week in Seattle from Sept. 8-12. A conference sponsor, Anametrix offers demos of Anametrix for Tableau at Booth 416.


Pelin Thorogood, CEO of Anametrix
“For the most effective multichannel marketing, businesses need to combine digital marketing data, which defines relationships with consumers across diverse online platforms, with corporate finance, CRM and sales data that resides largely inside the firewall. Now, with Anametrix for Tableau, marketers for the first time can unify all of that data in the intuitive Tableau interface for drill-down analysis and decision support. This is the convergence of BI and marketing analytics, the logical next step for marketers seeking to optimize marketing results based on data-driven consumer insights.”

Jim Sterne, Digital Analytics Association’s founding president and chairman, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit’s founder and Anametrix Advisory Board Member
“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the popularity and use of Tableau Software among marketers. Now Anametrix leads the analytics industry by becoming the first to integrate multichannel marketing analytics with Tableau. That’s going to make a big difference for marketers eager to apply data insights to optimize their marketing across the entire spectrum of traditional and digital platforms.”

Anametrix transforms businesses with marketing analytics. We collect, analyze and make sense out of data across all marketing channels in real time to enable marketers to discover new truths about customers, prospects and the market at large. Anametrix delivers 360-degree visibility into business data to uncover new trends and hidden correlations, explore new relationships and deliver a bigger and more predictable impact on revenue. Founded in 2010 by the trailblazing web analytics team behind WebSideStory, Anametrix has headquarters in San Diego, California. For more information, visit

Anametrix is a trademark of Anametrix. Other company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Media Contact:
Kimberly Stoddard

SAN DIEGO—July 8, 2014— Hashtag Ads has launched a new platform, currently in beta, where social influencers and advertisers can join forces to enhance their influence on the web. The platform provides an opportunity for anyone to embrace their power of social influence and utilize that potential to boost a company’s message — all while making some mula.

Hashtag Ads offers a sign-up option for social influencers, those who have a substantial presence via social media, and social advertisers, those who desire to strengthen their company’s social media presence by driving high quality traffic to their business or brand. Hashtag Ads pairs social influencers with relevant social advertisers, depending on their niche. Once matched, a campaign is developed and the advertisers’ message is circulated throughout the influencers’ social media networks. Hashtag Ads offers real-time metrics, allowing the advertiser to measure the increase of their revenue and social media presence from the campaign.

Designed with efficiency in mind, Hashtag Ads’ innovation allows ordinary social influencers to monetize their presence by coupling them with emerging businesses. Hashtag Ads beta platform is compatible with Facebook and Twitter, and additional platforms are in the works.

About Adboom Group, Inc.:

AdBoom Group, Inc. is a San Diego-based technology company focused on innovation in advertising and technology solutions for driving customer acquisition. With its wide network of social and native advertising channels, Adboom Group, Inc. has the ability to reach millions of people. From digital advertising, such as Hashtag Ads, to software suites, growing businesses has become the core focus and engine of the company’s success.

For more information, visit:


On June 16, select students from three different San Diego high schools convergeed on the ESET building in Little Italy for a week of intensive education in the art of defending computer systems. They call it Cyber Boot Camp, and two dozen students will experience five days of hands-on instruction, plus lectures from leading cyber security experts from San Diego companies as well as local and national law enforcement.

Right now, there is a critical shortage of people with the skills and training required to defend computer systems against the growing ranks of criminals who range from well organized gangs of cyber criminals to terrorists, plus a complex mix of state and nonstate players. Addressing that shortage, through improvements in education and career guidance, is vital to the future health of our digital economy.

The players
As one of the world’s leading centers for cyber security, San Diego has pioneered exciting new ways to engage young people in the vital effort to protect the data and systems upon which so much of modern life depends. In March, the cyber competition known as the San Diego Mayor’s Cyber Cup marked its fifth year, with more than 50 teams competing, with eight students on each team. In previous years, ESET and the nonprofit Securing Our eCity Foundation (SOeC) have invited the first place team to Cyber Boot Camp, but this year was different: The top three teams were invited.

Participating in this year’s boot camp are cup winners Canyon Crest Academy, second place Westview High School — the school that won last year — and third place Mira Mesa High School.

The prospect of guiding as many as 24 students, each with their own workstation, through the complexities of today’s cyber attack-and defend scenarios was at first quite daunting, said ESET Security Researcher Cameron Camp, lead instructor and developer of the boot camp’s curriculum. However, the event’s organizer, SOeC, was able to line up an impressive roster of volunteers to assist. Said Camp, “With the support we’re getting from SOeC volunteers and the local community, including UCSD, as well as some great corporate sponsors, I think this will be a great experience for the students.”

Career path
According to Cyber Boot Camp alumni Vineel Adusumilli, “The Cyber Boot Camp was a terrific learning experience, combining lab work using the latest tools with insights from experienced security professionals.” Adusumilli, a graduate of Westview High, was the leading point scorer in last year’s Cyber Boot Camp and is now a sophomore at MIT.

While there are no grades for boot camp, many students who have participated in the event said they found it helped them to evaluate cyber security as a possible career path, exposing them to many different aspects of the high-demand profession. With guest speakers from both the industry and government, students get a full picture of the cyber disciplines, from secure computer coding to security architecture and from defending systems to catching and prosecuting the criminals.

The fact that cyber crime is on the rise will come as no surprise if you recently received a notice from a store or bank saying it’s time to change your password or get a new credit card. The resulting surge in demand for skilled cyber security professionals is reflected in projected 2013/14 employment growth in San Diego County of 13 percent for cyber security firms, more than six times the overall projected employment growth for the county. Cyber Boot Camp is one more reason that San Diego is achieving global recognition as a cyber center of excellence.

About Securing Our eCity Foundation
Securing Our eCity Foundation (SOeC) is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization focused on cybersecurity awareness and education. Our mission is to enable every San Diegan to live, work and play safely in the cyber world.

The Foundation, formed in late 2011, is built on an initiative started in mid-2008 by ESET North America, an internet security company. Supported through generous donations from organizations like ESET North America and San Diego Gas & Electric, SOeC helps facilitate a safer cyber experience for digital citizens in the greater San Diego area.
For more information, visit or call + 1.619.630.2444

Loveseat AppSan Diego, Calif. (June 4, 2014) – Loveseat , a furniture market app and website designed to connect local buyers and sellers of stylish, unique and hard-to-find items, today announced the debut of its platform in its flagship city of San Diego. With Loveseat’s person-to-person marketplace concept, consumers can connect with local sellers, pay for items and schedule deliveries for an interactive and hassle-free furniture shopping experience.

“We realized during our move to San Diego from the East Coast that selling and shopping for quality, vintage pieces of furniture is not easy,” said Chris Stanchak, who founded Loveseat along with his wife, Jenny. “We developed Loveseat to provide people with a reputable, easy-to-use platform that connects retailers and consumers and we’re thrilled to be launching it first in San Diego where the company is headquartered.”

During development stages, the duo worked together to combine Chris’s background in ecommerce and mobile payments with Jenny’s expertise in software engineering and iOS development. Chris previously worked as the founder of TicketLeap, while Jenny was a software engineer for Venmo.

With Loveseat, buyers can browse items locally based on geographic area, save and share favorite items, bid on items with any major credit card and contact sellers directly through the platform to avoid having to share personal contact information. Sellers can set a minimum price on listed items, share listings through social media to connect to prospective buyers, and have the option to enable Loveseat delivery to entice new buyers.

Buyers and sellers can download the Loveseat App for free through the App Store, or create a free profile online at Loveseat Used Furniture App. There is no fee to list a piece of furniture through Loveseat; sellers are charged three percent only once they sell an item, and buyers pay a 10 percent fee on top of the item price.

For more information, please visit and follow Loveseat on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

About Loveseat:
Loveseat is a San Diego, Calif.-based company founded by husband and wife duo Chris and Jenny Stanchak. A platform designed to connect local buyers and sellers of stylish, unique, and hard-to-find items, Loveseat can be used as an app with smartphones and tablets on-the-go, or through its website at With Loveseat, shoppers are spared the time and energy needed to peruse aisle after aisle at local vintage furniture retailers. Loveseat is currently only available in its debut market of San Diego, but has plans to expand to other top cities across the U.S. this year. For more information, please visit Follow Loveseat on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Sydney, Australia – May 6, 2014 – Altium Limited, a global leader in Smart System Design Automation, 3D PCB design (Altium Designer) and embedded software development (TASKING) has announced that it intends to begin a corporate reorganization to best serve the needs of their customers and partners in key growth markets. This includes the relocation of the PCB CAD Division and its core R&D team as well as executive and senior management to San Diego, CA as the major step.

The relocation to San Diego, where Altium has had a long-established sales and operational presence, represents a natural next-step in the implementation of Altium’s renewed growth strategy. It is a result of the focus on PCB design tools and solutions for the PCB design market. The decision was made to allow Altium’s CAD division to be more accessible to customers and partners, while still offering global growth potential.

“This move to the U.S. will not only allow Altium to be closer to customers in key markets,” says Martin Harris, Chief Sales Officer at Altium, “it will also provide us the opportunity to work closer with our sales channels and strategic partners as well as with the contributors to our 3rd party development network, which uses the openness of Altium Designer to develop solutions for our user community.”

The company has also re-defined its Internet of Things (IoT) strategy to be in alignment with its core business of the development of world-class PCB design tools. Being close to technology partners in an emerging market has been a driver for the presence in Shanghai. Most parts of the objectives behind that journey have been achieved. China remains an important market for Altium, and is the best location for the company’s IoT division. Altium’s TASKING division – which develops tools for embedded software development with a huge user base in the automotive industry – will remain unchanged and continue to be located in the Netherlands.

While the CEO and key executives in the Altium corporate office will also relocate to the USA, the corporate and senior leadership team will continue to be globally mobile to support key markets and the company’s worldwide operations. The United States will nevertheless be a strong area of focus as Altium seeks to expand and grow its PCB business. The relocation of Altium’s PCB CAD division to the USA is planned to occur, for the most part, in Q4 2014.


Altium Limited (ASX: ALU) is an Australian multinational software corporation that focuses on 3D PCB design, electronics design and embedded system development software.

Altium Designer, a unified electronics design environment links all aspects of smart systems design in a single application that is priced as affordable as possible. Altium’s embedded software compilers are used around the globe by car makers and the world’s largest automotive Tier-1 suppliers. With this unique range of technologies Altium enables electronics designers to innovate, harness the latest devices and technologies, manage their projects across broad design ‘ecosystems’, and create connected, intelligent products.

Founded in 1985, Altium has offices worldwide, with US locations in San Diego and Boston, European locations in Karlsruhe, Amersfoort and Kiev and Asia-Pacific locations in Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney. For more information, visit You can also follow and engage with Altium via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Type Your Ringtone ProHave you ever wanted your phone to speak to you when you’re getting a call or a notification of any kind? Or, perhaps it’s something you never knew you wanted.
The new Android app, Type Your Ringtone, does just this. Using text-to-speech, this app lets you create your own custom ringtones that actually talk to you.

Type Your Ringtone works with the default text-to-speech engine installed on your device, giving you the ability to change the engine and utilize a never ending list of voices. Using some of the new, and free, high quality voices from engines like Google Text-to-Speech, allow you to create unusually real sounding human voice ringtones. Or, adjust the speed and pitch of the voice, for some pretty funny effects.

Features include:

  • Set your notification sound for a specific app (Android 4.3 or higher required)
  • Set your notification sound for a specific contact (Android 4.4 or higher required)
  • Set your ringtone for a specific contact
  • Set the default ringtone or notification sound for the device
  • Control both speed and pitch of the ringtone voice
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Choose from a variety of languages
  • See all the custom sounds that you’ve created
  • Easily play or delete them, or set them as your new notification or ringtone sound

Pro version –

Lite version –

Developed by San Diego based TwoClaw Apps

Chefs RollWe had the chance to talk to the co-founders of Chef’s Roll, a San Diego startup that allows chefs to list their culinary experience and professional profiles online. The new company is styling itself the “LinkedIn for Chefs.” Here is what the co-founders, Thomas Keslinke (a 13-year hospitality veteran) and Frans van der Lee (the “technical” co-founder, who has 15 years of web development experience) had to say:

Q: Why did you found Chef’s Roll? What are you passionate about?

We founded Chef’s Roll to help give chefs, who we respect immensely, their due.  They are some of the hardest working people on the planet; it is literally a war every time they step into the kitchen. I’m passionate about tech, having been a web developer for over 15 years, but I’m also a big food and wine lover and have even won a BBQ competition. My colleague, Thomas, is equally passionate about food and wine. He’s been in the hospitality industry for 13 years and has managed and opened all types of restaurants and directed a $42 million hospitality operation at Deloitte and Touche in Washington, DC.

Q: You say that c​hefs’ digital presence often doesn’t match the quality of their cuisine, what is a good personal anecdote that happened to you that shows that?

Many of our “founding chefs” are celebrity chefs that have appeared on TV and own entire restaurant groups. Early on, we were building their profiles for them and, during our research, we found broken links on their websites or information that hadn’t been updated in years. There was a vast disconnect between the bold and beautiful flavors and ambience we were experiencing at their restaurants and what we were seeing on their websites. I don’t want to name names and get any PR people fired!

Q: What kind of communication needs do c​hefs have?

Chefs are truly the new rockstars. Their fans want to know what events they are appearing at, where they eat on their day off and more about them, in general. Many chefs are constantly reaching for more exposure and participating in food festivals, trying to get TV time, and courting the media. A Chef’s Roll profile gives them a simple solution to be ready when a new opportunity arises and, in many cases, to attract those opportunities as casting directors for top food shows are using Chef’s Roll as a scouting tool. For those chefs that shy away from the spotlight and solely focus on their craft, a profile on Chef’s Roll is an easy way to showcase their passion and hard work without screaming for attention.

Q: In the culinary industry, is it all about who you know? How does it work to get jobs on the inside?

Absolutely, but more importantly – would that person you know recommend you? Chefs don’t want to be responsible for the weak link in the kitchen, so endorsements are not handed out generously. One thing in our development pipeline is a recommendation engine. I guarantee chefs won’t use it as irreverently as people use LinkedIns; it will mean something.

Q: Leveraging the web site, do you believe that it’s possible to find the colleague of a ​chef that you idolize, and end up working for them?

Yes, especially by looking at their work history.  When I browse through our chefs’ experience section I see restaurants that I have personally eaten at or know the owners of. The culinary world, while seemingly large, is surprisingly small.  Chefs are all about mentorship and if you can show that you are genuine and a hard worker, anything is possible.

Q: We have to ask, why use Chef’s Roll and not LinkedIn or Facebook?

If you look at one of our chefs’ profiles and then at their LinkedIn profile, the answer is clear. Cedric Vongerichten is a good example:

Chef’s Roll profile:
LinkedIn profile:

Even our URLs are prettier!

As for Facebook, it is a great social tool, but what we offer is a more curated, professional online identity. Plus, you must be a member of those other networks to see someone’s full profile; our profiles can be viewed by anyone.

Q: Why did you found the company in San Diego?

My co-founder and I both call San Diego home and in today’s digital world, proximity is less important. We have done in-person outreach in some of the major food cities and face to face is certainly important, but we are going after chefs worldwide, not just NY, SF, LA and Chicago.

Q: What are the upcoming goals that you have for the web site?

Our main goal is on-boarding more chefs for the profiles and restaurants for the job board.  Once we achieve more scale we will be rolling out more networking functionality. We are also working on a mobile version of the site since our chefs are always on the go and there is a mobile app in the plans that will have chefs thinking about Chef’s Roll on a daily basis.

SAN DIEGO, CA — WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9 — For savvy self-promoting chefs, it’s time to get on a roll.

ChefsrollFrom aspiring culinary minds to seasoned and celebrity chefs, Chef’s Roll is a platform where chefs can tell the full story of their culinary life with a Facebook-LinkedIn-Craigslist hybrid tool. Chef’s Roll is endorsed by top chefs including New York’s Cedric Vongerichten and David Burke and Los Angeles’ Taji Marie and Fabio Viviani.

“The quality of a chef’s online presence almost never matches the quality of their cuisine,” said Chef’s Roll co-founder Thomas Keslinke, a 13-year hospitality industry veteran. “Thus, we’re building the largest professional chef network in the world, where chefs are able to promote their talent, career achievements, unique style and more through this interactive, cost-effective and sophisticated tool. Chef’s Roll was developed out of our respect for chefs and what they do best.”

Whether they’re a Michelin-starred chef or fledgling toque straight out of the Le Cordon Bleu womb, chefs can use Chef’s Roll to showcase their work, talent and originality to potential employers, customers, TV producers and more. Early adopters from across the globe range from San Diego pastry chef Annalise Brolaski, who practices organic baking, to internationally known culinary artists, including Michelin starred Gianfranco Chiarini, master of Italian nouvelle fusion, and Javier Plascencia, Baja’s reigning king of farm-fresh food.

How Does It Work?

On Chef’s Roll profiles, chefs can enter skills and expertise; upcoming events; education and experience; a synopsis of the type of cuisine they specialize in; photos and videos; awards and accolades; client reviews; links to print, and online and television press. Technical co-founder Frans van der Lee built the platform to be easy and quick to use for time-starved chefs, while making it search engine optimized and social media friendly.

“The day after a chef’s profile goes live, it typically appears high up on the search engines,” said van der Lee. “Chef’s Roll empowers the chef to manage and curate their online professional identity and to extend the shelf life of their press and other accolades.”

The culinary tool also provides members with icons to use on other social media networks to link to their own profile, marketing and media training tips, recommended purveyors and, soon, a worldwide job/stage board.

To get on a roll, chefs and culinary students should join at Chef’s Roll profiles cost only $19 per month or $99 per year.

About Chef’s Roll

The founders of San Diego-based Chef’s Roll have always been passionate about the culinary industry, but it was only recently that they made a rather surprising discovery: the quality of a chef’s online presence almost never matches the quality of their cuisine. Working chefs often don’t have the time or budget to create a customized web portfolio, and existing job sites don’t have the tools to bring a chef’s unique skillset and experience to life. To solve this widespread challenge, Chef’s Roll was born.

“Presentation is everything” is true for all chefs, and Chef’s Roll’s mission is to advance the culinary profession by helping to promote the chefs that are making it happen. From executive chefs to culinary students, Chef’s Roll welcomes you to the table. For all PR inquiries, contact Andrew Hard at or Brook Larios at