South Bay Tech Community Unite!

San Diego Tech Coffee will open 9am, January 30, 2015 at the South Bay Starbucks located at 670 Palomar Street, Chula Vista, CA.

The purpose of this Tech Coffee is to build and encourage a vibrant tech scene in San Diego by bringing together smart people from South Bay and across the border to share ideas, help each other or partner up.

Informal gathering of entrepreneurs for networking, co-working, sharing, brainstorming, mentoring, etc. RSVP or just by and introduce yourself.

There is internet access, so bring your favorite device to share what you’re doing!

To be clear, there is no agenda, no round table (necessarily), no formal introductions or discussion topics.

Ample free parking and convenient trolley access at the Palomar trolley station in Chula Vista.

Hosted by: Enrique Monteagudo, Member, Ansir Innovation Center

Only You Can Prevent Software Disasters – Take the 7th Annual State of Agile Survey

The annual “State of Agile Development Survey” is upon us once again and the agile community needs your help. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier tomorrow, skip your morning Starbucks run, cancel a refactoring session, have an extra beer tonight in front of your iPad – whatever it takes to make the time to Take the State of Agile Survey.

Bigger and better SWAG this year – Macbook Air, New iPads, gifts from the and gods. Not only can you win cool tech for yourself, you can help your fellow agilists who don’t yet have any idea what they are doing be more successful. And, you get to see the results before the poor souls who don’t fill out the survey – SWEET!

Yes, only YOU can prevent software disasters @

Website: http://www.agiledevsurvey
Twitter: @versionone
Open now thru the end of 10/31/2012

Via BarCampSD Google groups:

Are you between the ages of 18-30, own an Android phone or iPhone and filed your own tax return?

If so, you may qualify for an opportunity to earn $100 per hour for participating in a research study! If you meet the prerequisites below and are available for a session this summer, please e-mail [email protected] (specify which device you have).


  • Must not work at Intuit
  • Must live in the San Diego area
  • Must have been employed and receive a W-2 in 2009
  • Must own an iPhone or Android phone
  • Must be between age 18-30
  • Must not have kids/dependents
  • Must not own home, itemize or have investment/rental property

Study Details:

Date: Dates vary throughout the summer. We will try to give 1 week notice for sessions. Participant must confirm availability within 2-3 days of session notification.

Time: 1-2 hour appointment between 8AM-6PM

Location: Their home and/or Intuit San Diego Office (Santa Fe Summit)