Capital Raising Workshop – March 3rd

Learn how to pitch investors – but this time, learn from someone who pitches every day. As his job.

On Thursday,Oren Klaff and a panel of investors are going to help you learn what really works when raising capital. Imagine this for a moment – you’re sitting across from an investor, the one person who can help you secure the investment capital your company needs. But instead of listening to you, he’s looking out the window and checking his phone for messages. This is called a “beta trap” and you’re about to step right in it. Your next move means the difference between getting an investment or going home empty handed. Learn how to deal with beta traps and many other problems that you may face on your path to raising capital.


March 3rd, 2011 – 7pm to 9pm at the AI Center 4685 Convoy Street, Suite #210, San Diego, CA 92111

Download event flyer here

Based on the material in the book Pitch Anything by McGraw-Hill (2011)

On Thursday March 3rd, three companies will give their best pitch to Oren Klaff of Intersection Capital (and a panel of experienced investors.) Klaff will break each pitch down, minute by minute, even second by second. You’ll see fi rst hand what the companies pitching are doing right and what absolutely will not work. Th is hour and a half program includes a 20 minute introduction to Oren’s method of raising capital from investors (which you can read about here:


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