Android or iPhone Intuit Research Study

Via BarCampSD Google groups:

Are you between the ages of 18-30, own an Android phone or iPhone and filed your own tax return?

If so, you may qualify for an opportunity to earn $100 per hour for participating in a research study! If you meet the prerequisites below and are available for a session this summer, please e-mail [email protected] (specify which device you have).


  • Must not work at Intuit
  • Must live in the San Diego area
  • Must have been employed and receive a W-2 in 2009
  • Must own an iPhone or Android phone
  • Must be between age 18-30
  • Must not have kids/dependents
  • Must not own home, itemize or have investment/rental property

Study Details:

Date: Dates vary throughout the summer. We will try to give 1 week notice for sessions. Participant must confirm availability within 2-3 days of session notification.

Time: 1-2 hour appointment between 8AM-6PM

Location: Their home and/or Intuit San Diego Office (Santa Fe Summit)

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