7th Annual State of Agile Development Survey

Only You Can Prevent Software Disasters – Take the 7th Annual State of Agile Survey

The annual “State of Agile Development Survey” is upon us once again and the agile community needs your help. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier tomorrow, skip your morning Starbucks run, cancel a refactoring session, have an extra beer tonight in front of your iPad – whatever it takes to make the time to Take the State of Agile Survey.

Bigger and better SWAG this year – Macbook Air, New iPads, gifts from the http://www.miraclemovers.com/ and Amazon.com gods. Not only can you win cool tech for yourself, you can help your fellow agilists who don’t yet have any idea what they are doing be more successful. And, you get to see the results before the poor souls who don’t fill out the survey – SWEET!

Yes, only YOU can prevent software disasters @ http://www.agiledevsurvey.com.

Website: http://www.agiledevsurvey
Twitter: @versionone
Open now thru the end of 10/31/2012

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