Coworking @ The Vine SD

101 West Broadway Suite 1120 , San Diego, California 92101

Neighborhood: Downtown San Diego


Phone: (619) 518-7669

Contact: Amanda McDoulett

Work out of a building that houses 25% of all downtown startups! Coworking @ The Vine SD allows for growth under one roof by fostering an environment that enables founders to grow their startups, alongside each other. The Vine SD connects founders with the tools they need to grow their businesses such as media opportunities and connections to experts. All Coworking @ The Vine customers benefit from affordable downtown parking as well as our direct connection to EvoNexus, mature startups, and Origin Code Academy. The coworking space is open 24/7 and has a flat rate with no extra charge for: use of our many conference rooms, regular media opportunities, expert office hours, beer and coffee, printer/scanner, mail/package handling, community events, use of event space, as well as unlimited access to our executive level conference rooms. Reach out to schedule a tour with us and apply for a membership!

Tours by Appointment Only, Please

Modified: February 14, 2017
Coworking @ The Vine SD
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