3rdSpace Co-Working & Creative Club

4610 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116

Neighborhood: University Heights

Website: http://www.3rdspace.co

Phone: (760) 274-5340

Contact: Pete McConnell

3RDSPACE is a modular, dynamic hub of creativity and connectivity, where the co-working experience is complimented by unique events, workshops, and discussions in a conductive environment that will redefine how you work, play and find your inspiration.

It’s much more than co-working. In fact, we don’t necessarily characterize ourselves in that way. 3RDSPACE is, rather, a private club for the creative, described less by what it is as what it becomes by our growing community of interesting and talented members. Imagine the possibilities of a creative space shared by dozens of smart, imaginative, ambitious, and fun people in America’s Finest City of San Diego!

The creative class demands much more than common walls to share among like-minded professionals, or a cool space where people go to be “alone together”. This can be the case in coffee shops and even co-working and incubator spaces. We’ve all observed an increasing value and demand for the cross pollination of ideas, resources and inspiration. We believe that collaboration is much more than a trendy word, and is not achieved by the mere mention of it in a mission statement. Neither is it something that happens when you stick people in a room and tell them to go collaborate. The flowering of ideas, innovation and inspiration, whether in a society or an individual, happens in more organic, fertile environments of connectivity and activity. Our unique concept fosters both to help you realize your own creative potential and that which emerges from the 3RDSPACE community.

Amenities include:
* Stylish mid century modern club house upstairs.
* Comfortable private VIP lounge right next to the University Heights sign on Park Blvd. Great for meetings, discussions, reading, writing, or just chilling out with a glass of scotch and a Stones vinyl spinning on our vintage record consul (Bring your own scotch).
* Large, first rate conference Room w HD projector
* Full kitchen with stove, refrigerator and bar counters
* Book exchange library.
* COFFEE that doesn’t suck
* Natural light and open S P A C E abound in the chic industrial area of the Space that once was a “dye house” in the ‘30s and ‘40s.
* Private work stations available for your own daily use.
* Comfortable seating. Every seat’s the best seat in the house at 3S. Includes built-in booths, bar seating, couches, bean bags, and even pads to throw onto the oversized staircase, if you feel so inclined.

Your exclusive membership will enjoy an inspiring work and social environment like you’ve never seen, shared by a fun, intelligent, ambitious and unassuming community. You’ll also receive invitations to exclusive events and great discussions, and limited use of the facility for your own cool events. It’s a 3RD space to call your own in San Diego’s most fun & soulful urban neighborhoods. Come give us a try.

Oh, and in case you were wondering… we’re not a cult. Yet.

Modified: September 2, 2014
3rdSpace Co-Working & Creative Club
Cost Range:
$125 monthly
8:00 am - 12:00 am

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