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Several organizations in San Diego offer their space for free or a nominal charge to be used as venue space for tech meetups, special interest groups, hack-a-thons, tech camps, tech events, networking mixers, conferences or whatever geeky event you can conjure up. As an organizer, finding a venue to hold your event can be a challange so we've put together a lil' list of tech friendly venues to help you find a place for your next meetup or event. Don't see your favorite place? Add a venue here.

3rdSpace Co-Working & Creative Club

Neighborhood: University Heights

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: 150 | Projector: Yes

Cost Range: $125 monthly

Ansir Innovation Center

Neighborhood: Kearney Mesa

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: 100+ | Projector: Yes

Cost Range: Free to $100+

Co-Merge Coworking Space

Neighborhood: Downtown

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: 200 | Projector: Yes

Cost Range: $10+ an hour

Coworking Connection

Neighborhood: Central Murrieta

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: 300 | Projector: No

Cost Range: $50-$300

Industry Showroom

Neighborhood: Gaslamp

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: Unknown | Projector: None

Cost Range: Unknown

Inner Join

Neighborhood: Encinitas/Leucadia

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: 50 | Projector: No

Cost Range: 200-450

Milano Coffee Co

Neighborhood: Mission Valley

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: 20 | Projector: Yes

Cost Range: Free

PreFAB Space San Diego

Neighborhood: Downtown Embarcadero

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: 125 | Projector: Yes

Cost Range: Varies

SILO in Makers Quarterâ„¢

Neighborhood: East Village

WiFi: No | Capacity: 300 | Projector: No

Cost Range: Quote

Thirdoor Coworking Community

Neighborhood: East Village

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: 25 | Projector: No

Cost Range: $40 - $300

VisionPulse Creative Event Center

Neighborhood: Mira Mesa

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: 200? | Projector: Yes

Cost Range: $149 + $25 Monthly

World Resources SIMCenter

Neighborhood: Downtown

WiFi: Yes | Capacity: 150 | Projector: Multiple

Cost Range: $50+ annual

Modified: September 4, 2014
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