RockMyRun Preload Brings Body Driven Music™ To ZTE’s Axon Smartphone

RockMyRun, a popular and acclaimed app offering professionally created workout mixes that adjust to your body, is now available and preloaded on the Axon Phone, ZTE’s flagship high-end smartphone, perfectly designed for an active lifestyle. RockMyRun, the first app from music technology pioneer Rock My World, receives and analyzes data from smartphones and fitness wearable devices to adjust music tempo in real time resulting in increased motivation and performance throughout every workout.

“By integrating our app directly into the new Axon smartphone, we have helped create the most personalized, high-end accessory for an active lifestyle,” said Adam Riggs-Zeigen, CEO and co-founder of Rock My World. “We are thrilled about this partnership with ZTE. It has allowed us to showcase our signature Body Driven Music feature, myBeat™ STEPS, on one of the top Android devices available in the market, arming health and fitness enthusiasts everywhere with the most personalized and responsive music ever.”

Rock My World was founded with a passion for helping people get and stay fit through the fusion of music and technology. Through the suite of Body Driven Music features, the company has mastered the challenge of adjusting music tempo in real time based on steps or heart rate, an experience that is highly personalized and difficult to fulfill. myBeat STEPS, the first dynamic Body Driven Music feature for Android gathers accelerometer data and dynamically adjusts the tempo of the selected mix to match the user’s footstrike. This offering is specially designed for runners and walkers looking to be in sync with the music wave and joins myBeat™ MANUAL, which allows users to set the music to an ideal tempo at any time. Accessible from the Axon’s music player and app tray, RockMyRun is highlighted as the premier fitness music service on the phone to encourage users to utilize its responsive technology to fit all active lifestyles.

RockMyRun has been proven to increase intrinsic motivation during exercise by up to 35 percent. This premier music service features thousands of mixes in every music genre. Mixes are sortable by tempo, duration and activity type, each of which is specifically designed for exercise. In the coming months, Rock My World has plans to expand its footprint and Body Driven Music technology offerings, which will include additional device and software partnerships as well as the introduction of myBeat™ HEART to the Android platform.


About RockMyRun
RockMyRun, the first app from Rock My World, combines professionally created, DJ’d mixes and playlists that have been designed to motivate people during exercise with innovative, technology that adjusts music tempo in real time based on biometric data. The resulting Body Driven Music™ is personalized for each of the apps millions of users, allowing them have more fun, perform better and feel up to 35 percent more motivation during every workout.

Available for iOS and Android, the app offers free and affordable membership options, boasts a consistent 4 ½ star review and was recently featured on the Today Show, in the NY Times, and the Boston Globe. The team at Rock My World was thrilled to work with ZTE to preload RockMyRun onto the Axon Phone, truly helping position the device as personalized, high end accessory for an active lifestyle.

For more information on RockMyRun, visit /freeapp or download the app on iTunes or Google play. Become a fan at and follow on Twitter @RockMyRun.

About Rock My World
Rock My World Inc. was founded with a passion for helping people get and stay fit through the fusion of music and technology – a concept they call Body Driven Music™. The company takes data from smartphones and fitness wearable devices and uses it to adjust music tempo in real time to help people have more fun, perform better and simply put, “get more” from their workouts.


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Modified: July 22, 2015