San Diego Tech Coffee Launches New Location in South Bay

South Bay Tech Community Unite!

San Diego Tech Coffee will open 9am, January 30, 2015 at the South Bay Starbucks located at 670 Palomar Street, Chula Vista, CA.

The purpose of this Tech Coffee is to build and encourage a vibrant tech scene in San Diego by bringing together smart people from South Bay and across the border to share ideas, help each other or partner up.

Informal gathering of entrepreneurs for networking, co-working, sharing, brainstorming, mentoring, etc. RSVP or just by and introduce yourself.

There is internet access, so bring your favorite device to share what you’re doing!

To be clear, there is no agenda, no round table (necessarily), no formal introductions or discussion topics.

Ample free parking and convenient trolley access at the Palomar trolley station in Chula Vista.

Hosted by: Enrique Monteagudo, Member, Ansir Innovation Center

SubleaseHub adds sublets/short-term housing rentals to San Diego area

Los Angeles based short term-rental online listing service, SubleaseHub, announced that it has begun adding sublets/short-term housing rentals in the San Diego area to its web directory. The site, which has already been a mainstay in the Los Angeles and Orange County short-term rental market, hopes to become a quality avenue for San Diego’s short-termContinue Reading

Lytx™ Reaches Milestone with Over 200,000 Subscriptions in Service in 2014

Lytx™ Reaches Milestone with Over 200,000 Subscriptions in Service in 2014

Lytx, Inc., the global leader in driver safety, today announced record growth in 2014 with 57,000 new subscriptions-in-service (SIS), continuing its track record as the preferred partner in every significant commercial transportation segment.Continue Reading

StartupSD Convergence (Jan 22-24) StartupSD Convergence is a series of events to celebrate and connect local entrepreneurs. We’ve clustered some of our favorite events into a couple compact days that will be both fun and helpful to the community. SCHEDULE: Thursday, Jan. 22nd 4:30-5:30 Community Orientation (tour & chat) Brief tour of the hub of the downtown startupContinue Reading

HouseCall Pro, a Free App for iOS and Android, Launches Nationwide

HouseCall Pro allows service professionals to run their business from their smartphone with an all-in-one toolContinue Reading

Nudge Kick for Android helps you achieve your daily fitness goals by blocking access to selected apps

Nudge Kick for Android helps you achieve your daily fitness goals by blocking access to selected apps

San Diego, CA, Jan 8th, 2015– New Android app lets users block selected apps until their fitness goals are met. For example, a Nudge Kick user can block Facebook until they take 1,000 steps or check into their gym.Continue Reading

San Diego Furnace Accelerator has Launched!

The San Diego Furnace Accelerator has Launched! Deadline to apply is March 9. Technologies are available for viewing now on the SocialCloud™ platform. Create an account and begin connecting, exploring and creating. Apply by March 9, 2015. PACE/T2 brings Furnace to San Diego in 2014, partnering with SSC Pacific to offer more than 100 technologiesContinue Reading

SD Startup Weekend MEGA: Web, Mobile & Maker (11/14-16)

  San Diego Startup Weekend is November 14-16 downtown at the new library. This is an exciting event that gets business folks together with web developers, mobile developers and makers to see what they can create in just a weekend. Sponsors are providing all kinds of cool hardware, including laser cutters, 3d printers, smart sensorsContinue Reading

Fab Lab Dedicated Spaces Options Now Available

Fab Lab has dedicated spaces available at their new location in Makers Quarter. Our friends at Fab Lab are offering dedicated space at their new location in downtown. Lab use membership, co-working (co-labbing) or dedicated space are all available. Sign Up

Demo Night IX Pics

Another great event by Brant Cooper and San Diego Tech Founders, October 8th, 2014. Here are the photos from the demos.

Modified: January 22, 2015