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San Diego Coworking, Incubators, Accelerators, and Shared Office Space Map

Looking for Coworking Space or Shared Office Space, in San Diego? San Diego Coworking Alliance is a group of coworking spaces created to connect people and places who want to collaborate.

All Coworking and Flexible Spaces in San Diego

The companies listed below represent 89 coworking and shared office space locations across San Diego. More details will be added soon including an overhaul of the map above.

  • 42 Floors
  • Ansir Innovation Center at ScaleMatrix Launch Center
  • Avanti Workspace
  • Bar Center at 401
  • Bench Space Cowork
  • BioLabs
  • Boxer Lifestyle
  • CH Square Share
  • Collective Impact Center
  • Common Grounds
  • Co-mmunity
  • Connect
  • DeskHub
  • Desk Space
  • Diamond Coworking
  • Downtown Works
  • Encinitas Technology Center
  • Enrich
  • FlexSpace San Diego
  • Get Smart Workspaces
  • Hardihood Coworking
  • Hera Hub
  • Intelligent Office San Diego
  • Ivy Street Coworking
  • Level Office Gaslamp
  • Mesa Rim Coworking
  • Moniker Commons
  • Nest Coworking
  • Ninthlink Co-Working Space
  • Ootbox
  • Outsite
  • Premier Business Centers
  • Regus Office Space
  • Spaces
  • The Basement – UCSD
  • The Bilding
  • The Bloc
  • The Greenhouse
  • The Hive at Leichtag Commons
  • The Muse For Good
  • The Point
  • The Station
  • The Vine
  • Ugather
  • Union Cowork
  • University Club
  • VentureBeach Cowork
  • WellSpaces
  • WeWork
  • WorkSpace

AI Center offers start-up office space, access to mentor & entrepreneur community and business & investor resources both local and international, to allow great ideas come to reality. Innovators can utilize our space at minimal investment to establish their early business presence. Through our resources of experienced partners and senior business advisers, small ideas can become the next great business.

Avanti Workspace is a shared office in Carlsbad perfect for a diverse community of startups, independent professionals, and small business teams. What sets Avanti Workspace apart from executive office suites and other co-working spaces, is they offer a flexible workspace designed to fit your unique needs.

The Bilding is a quiet and creative group of individuals on 607 N. Vulcan Ave., as it parallels Coast Highway, between Leucadia Blvd and Encinitas Blvd. It’s a couple of miles away from the 5, great restaurants and pubs, the beaches, grocery stores, gas stations, and downtown Encinitas. You can get a walk along the beach in during lunch if that’s your desire.

Bloc in Solana Beach and Leucadia is a COLLABORATIVE WORKSPACE designed to encourage like-minded people to work together in a creative and motivating professional environment. Bloc’s goal is to not only provide members with an awesome place to hang their shingle but also build a community of people that can brainstorm ideas, pass business around, and of course have some fun every once in a while.

CommonGrounds is a collaborative office workspace in Carlsbad, San Marcos, and Downtown. CommonGrounds serves as an accelerating platform for small businesses to grow and offers an environment that stimulates creativity and productivity in a fun atmosphere.

Co-mmunity in Hillcrest is a hub for small businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Writers, designers, artists, socialites, start-up galore, we encompass and welcome all professionals to Co-mmunity.

Coworking Connection is the perfect place to network and work alongside other professionals in the area. It gives independent professionals the ability to work in a structured environment, without the isolation of a home office and with the ability to meet, collaborate and network with like-minded professionals. Coworking Connection is located in Murrieta.

CyberHive is an innovative-shared workspace and incubator program that delivers business and technical mentorship to companies providing cybersecurity and high tech solutions.

DeskHub is committed to being the premier network of shared entrepreneurial workspaces in the country. DeskHub has exceptional coworking spaces in Scottsdale, Atlanta, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Portland. You don’t need to be in the biggest cities or at the biggest company to reap the rewards of collaboration, networking and synergy. You just need the right space and the right people.

Downtown Works is more than just a cowork, they exist to help their members accelerate their businesses in an exceptionally designed and innovative space. Downtown Works is for the motivated tech startups, ambitious change-makers, and dedicated entrepreneurs.

Encinitas Technology Center offers cost effective workstations all-inclusive hotdesking or turn-office solution. Encinitas Technology Center is a great opportunity for IT technology start-up or single small business owners including Programmers, Network Engineers, Technical Writers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers and IT technicians.

Hera Hub is a collaboration space for accomplished, like-minded entrepreneurial women. This unique workspace offers and monthly work and meeting space for freelancers, independent consultants, entrepreneurs, and authors. Hera Hub, much like an incubator or think-tank, will give women the resources, community, and visibility to take their business to the next level.

Impact Without Borders in Liberty Station, Point Loma is an accelerator for for-profits, non-profits, cooperatives, activists, artists, and entrepreneurs committed to positive, sustainable change.

Mesa CoWorking Center allows you to operate your business at a collaborative office within a very short walk of your favorite place to climb, practice yoga, workout, and meet friends!

OOTBOX Co-work is located at 6640 Lusk Blvd, Ste. A200, and offers shared desks and private office space. Work and collaborate side-by-side like minded entrepreneurs. We cultivate a culture of big idea vetting among big personalities, while sharing our passion and expertise in each industry we specialize in.

Outsite is a unique work+play accommodation in Encinitas that caters to the growing community of entrepreneurs, business travelers and digital nomads who are looking for alternatives to uninspired hotels and conference halls.

The San Diego Entrepreneur Center™ (SDEC) in conjunction with the Hive is more than just a coworking space for founders-entrepreneurs, Non-TECH or TECH LEANstartups, incubators, accelerators, consultants, and freelancers. The San Diego Entrepreneur Center provides a platform that is easily accessible and useful for very early stage concept founders-entrepreneurs, small businesses, or startup with little to no revenue who require immediate access to resources and a network of talent. Find SDEC on Meetup.

SMARTSPACE offers an “organic and collaborative” effect within the building and is great for small and start-up businesses which can benefit from being in a dynamic environment where users utilize the skills of the other users located within the building, just as you would in various departments of a company.

Tech Coffee is in informal gathering of entrepreneurs for co-working, sharing, brainstorming, mentoring, etc. and meets every Monday at Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery, Wednesdays at Java Depot in Leucadia and North County Inland in the Poway/Carmel Mountain area and Fridays in South Bay.

The Vine from Irvine Company is a vibrant business community rooted in innovation and growth. Whether a seed-stage entrepreneur looking for a place to fuel creativity, a fast-growing company wishing to sharpen their business model, The VineSD can support and accelerate your success. Located in Downtown San Diego, The Vine’s co-working fuses like minded, innovative entrepreneurs and progressive firms who are interested in synergy, connecting ideas and working together for the same goal – success. Stay for a week. Stay until your IPO. This revolutionary, pay-per-desk plan developed by Irvine Company Office Properties offers flexible lease terms as you elevate your business. For more information call 619.798.3137.

Union Coworking Space in North Park supports the development of business and personal relationships by providing work space that is affordable, turn-key, and fun.

The University Club San Diego has all the comforts of home, and all the amenities of your office. With Wi-Fi available in our San Diego business center and throughout the Club, you can work in the peace and quiet of the lounge, in the dining room, or anywhere else you find to be most comfortable and conducive to your productivity.

VentureBeach™ Coworking Space and Collaborative for Startups-Entrepreneurs serves the La Jolla, Bay Park-Morena, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma and Sports Arena area. Great for freelancers, startups or small businesses requiring a private team office with furnished worktables that require access to meeting rooms and internet connectivity.

WorkSpace is a shared office space in the heart of the Carlsbad Research Center designed to create a community of startups and professionals in a collaborative atmosphere. With flexible month-to-month agreements or longer term leases for coworking memberships and private offices, WorkSpace can create a custom plan to perfectly fit your company’s needs. IG | FB

WeWork in downtown San Diego offers 90,000-square-feet of private offices (for teams of 1–100+) with glass walls to maintain privacy without sacrificing transparency or natural light. WeWork also offers health care, payment processing, IT support, payroll, legal, educational programs and other kinds of training.

Shared and Flexible Workspaces TOP

PBC Carlsbad Office Space provides San Diego County Executive Suites near McClellan-Palomar Airport. Located in North County’s premiere business environment, the office offers panoramic views overlooking the Taylor Made Driving Range and provides easy access to main transit arteries including I-5 and I-78. Set the stage for your success in this brand new building with elegant classical architecture.

Regus Office Spaces are ready-to-go workspaces with the widest possible range of complementary support services available on demand, Regus offices give you all you need to start work immediately and offer an efficient alternative to traditional office spaces. Regus offices has 1,800 locations in 100 countries.

Inactive or Infrequent Co-working Spaces TOP

Work at Jelly is a free coworking event which runs every 2nd Monday at Ansir Center. Check SD Tech Scene’s calendar for the next @jellyinsandiego.

Wi-Fi Hot Spots TOP

Wifi Hot Spots (San Diego)

San Diego Tech and Startup Related Organizations and Associations TOP

Accelerate-IT is a full service business solutions firm that specializes in helping companies expand the reach and scale of their company. Accelerate-IT is a powerhouse of tools specifically forged for startups in the IT industry.

Apics is the Association of Operations Management Advancing Productivity, Innovation, and Competitive Success. (Accelerating Innovation in San Diego) is an independent non-profit organization serving the entire San Diego region. Their programs and initiatives continue to evolve in order to fulfill the original mission set out by the founders. provides structured, peer-based organizational, educational, and promotional support to the growing worldwide community of Microsoft® .NET user groups.

CommNexus is a non-profit technology industry association that works to accelerate the formation, growth, and success of the technology industry in the region. We deliver value to the technology industry through content-driven programs that provide access to capital, talent and business development.

Entrepreneur Capital Corporation (ECC) has a goal of creating a million new Entrepreneurs this year with our innovative “Entrepreneurs Card” for Startup funding. This card program only requires a 600+ FICO score and there are no upfront fees. Additionally, there are no payments for the first six months so you can focus on the business and not the bills. ECC is founded and run by local author and entrepreneur Bruce Blechman. His book “Guerrilla Financing” is one of the top selling business financing/capital books of all time.

EvoNexus is the premier, non-profit incubator in Southern California designed to accelerate the growth and success of emerging technology companies. We provide hands on mentorship, rigorous structured programs, events, and office spaces to our companies for free.

FAB LAB is focused on developing creative learning experiences for people of all ages, and engaging students and community to explore ideas through the use of innovative technology. FAB LAB welcomes anyone interested in discussing or promoting physical fabrication and community-building based on digital techniques (2d cutting and folding, 3d printing and milling, etching, circuits, microprocessors, Web design, etc). (more)

Founder Institute is a four month apprenticeship and training program for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. The Institute prepares founders to lead the next generation of world-class technology companies across a wide range of industries. Weekly company-building sessions are guided by experienced CEOs, and they are held in the evening to allow participants to keep their day job or develop their companies during business hours. All of the program stakeholders, from the participating founders to the experienced CEO Mentors, share in the upside generated by the companies formed during the program. Participants also enjoy free services from three dozen Institute Partners, fundraising opportunities at fair market value, and a teamwork-oriented environment to build a company. On Twitter: @founding Hashtag: #sdfi

Founder Round Table helps company founders (and prospective founders) benefit from the experience and insights from industry experts and other founders in a relaxed, interactive setting.

Founders List believes that successful companies are a product of a community working together and FoundersList contributes by connecting Founders from the community to the resources they need to become successful. (more info).

Hera LABS is a unique business accelerator for aspiring entrepreneurial women. The program provides female start-ups, in all industries, a safe place to test ideas and grow their business. This is achieved through specialized, Do-It-Yourself, hands-on LABs at Hera Hub (at Hera LABS classroom); making it a one-stop resource for enterprising women to work, connect, and flourish.

Open Source Maker Labs is a high-tech digital fabrication lab in Vista, where members can learn, collaborate, innovate, design, and build almost anything! Makers of all ages and skill levels have access to a wide range of tools, equipment, resources, and workspace.

San Diego ISSA or Information Systems Security Association is an international organization providing educational forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skills and professionalism. The primary goal of ISSA is to promote management practices that will ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality of organizational resources.

TiE San Diego endevours to encourage and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. Their organization has over 2,500 successful entrepreneurs & mentors, committed to giving back to their community.

The San Diego Futures Foundation (SDFF) helps improve access to computers and services. SDFF does this by expanding access to computers and education, youth training, and services for nonprofits.

The San Diego City Technology and Development region has one of the highest concentrations of high-tech companies in the United States, and the third highest concentration of biotech companies in the nation to continue those successes, several organizations have been formed to assist these companies with various issues.

The San Diego iHub, which encompasses the combined area of San Diego, Southwest Riverside County and Imperial Counties, will build upon the region’s existing innovation infrastructure and strong culture of collaboration to create four convergence clusters: mobile health, biofuels, biomimicry, solar energy and energy storage.

SD MIT Enterprise Forum is about discussing the business issues of leading technology companies in a public forum where we all learn about how to keep innovative technology companies running straight and fast! We use a case study method to uncover valuable insights about presenting companies.

SD Online Radio listeners can listen via their computer while working on other tasks or accessing web sites that are referred to during the shows.

Plug and Play Accelerator San Diego’s goal is to help develop great companies that will ultimately further produce an entrepreneurial culture in San Diego. Plug and Play offers structured workshops, speaker series, mentorship sessions and active coaching, where tech entrepreneurs will crystallize their ideas and business plans, build out their business model and prototypes as well as present their refined pitches to VCs and angel investors.

San Diego Software brings together San Diego’s software technology, data analytics and cloud-based application communities to promote industry growth and success, to address common technical challenges and business opportunities, and advocate for common interests.

The Startup California Partnership is based on a simple premise: young companies that grow create jobs. As a core American value, entrepreneurship is critical to the country’s long term success and it’s time to step up our game.

StartupCircle is an Entrepreneur community focused on Innovation, Collaboration, Contribution and Trust. A 1500+ member organization, StartupCircle is dedicated to bringing together Entrepreneurs, Industry Experts, Sponsors, Investors and Resources.

TechAmerica, formerly AeA, one of the most active high tech trade associations in the region.

The Scene The Scene is a community-driven concept Kareer.Me came up with to help create a voice for the San Diego tech community. This is a place to share what you’re working on, who your looking for, insider tips, relevant articles, shamelessly promote your startup, request follows, and more.

The Startup Coalition’s mission is to create a group for Startups by Startups. Together and with one voice they can help grow our community and have a voice in the change.

Weekend U is a new kind of educational institution focused on practical in-person and online digital skills education. Our courses deliver practical knowledge from experienced practitioners, providing students with real world skills they can use the next day in their professional and personal lives.

Wireless Health Hub is new startup community located in North San Diego County, in the City of San Marcos, California and supports entrepreneurs with intensive, industry-specific, mentorship-driven 90-day Seed Accelerator programs to get startups though the crucial early stages of launching a company.

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Recycle San Diego will keep your company EPA (and/or DTSC) compliant by providing proof that your e-waste was disposed of properly. By using RSD’s services, you will be protecting yourself from violating any e-waste disposal laws, and potentially getting fines of up to $20,000 per e-waste item.

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Tech Related Groups TOP (San Diego Direct Marketing Association) (San Diego Venture Group)

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New Media Rights is a San Diego organization which helps the public learn more about new media. They engage with online creators everyday to offer them free legal assistance on copyright law and online publishing. Web-Based Solutions for Membership and Reservations Management supporting Non-Profits!

Media Arts Center promotes access to film and video as tools for community self-expression and social change and supports the professional development of media artists.

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