Why Infinite Red?

Infinite Red is a cutting-edge technology company that puts its people first. We have very low turnover and high employee satisfaction and are well regarded in the software development industry. We are a small company with a big footprint — with fewer than 30 employees, we still manage to put on one of the best tech conferences in the USA (Chain React), develop popular open source software (Ignite, Reactotron, and more), and are widely known among tech giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and others.

We rarely hire new people to join our close-knit team, so this is a great opportunity for the right person.


This may seem like a lot! But don’t worry, we don’t intend to dump everything on your lap at once. We will train you in on the most core parts of this (generally speaking, the first section below), and then gradually introduce the rest as you gain familiarity and productivity.

Core tasks (what we will train you to do in the first couple months)
Answer initial sales calls
Answer initial sales emails (time sensitive)
Track multiple sales leads in Streak CRM
Follow-up with sales leads via email
Schedule / coordinate each step between the client and our team
Manage multiple calendars when coordinating sales leads (Google Calendar)
Long-term tasks (what we will train you to do long-term)
Help estimate team create proposals by answering questions and coordinating
Facilitate negotiation discussions involving legal and financial onboarding
Generate onboarding documents for committed leads (email & DocuSign) such as MSA, SOW, W-9
Participate in sales handoffs to operations
Generate weekly sales reports
Gather feedback and improve our sales process as it evolves in 2019
Monitor key performance metrics and flag for further discussion if necessary
Stretch goals (opportunities you might be able to help with)
Social media coordination
Website content management
Blog content management

Job Post Details:

Pay Rate: 40-45k
Skills: Attention to detail and organized Self-starter, reliable (being able to work remote) Excellent grammar/spelling Friendly, approachable tone in written and verbal communication Excellent chat and email communication skills in general Experience with CRMs helpful, but not necessary (we will train) Experience with tech industry helpful, but not necessary

Company Info:

Company Name: Infinite Red, Inc.
Contact Person: Shawni Danner
Address: 11815 NE 113th St #104, Vancouver, WA, 98662