San Diego User Groups and Meetups

The following is a list of 130+ Tech User Groups and SIGS in San Diego. We are the San Diego Tech Scene! If you’re a group organizer or member in a SD tech group and it’s not on this list, please contact us and let us know.

Programming and Developers | Mobile Developers | Web Design, User Interface, User Experience and Graphic Design | Crowdsource | Multimedia and Content | Content Management (CMS) | Social Media | Startups | Search Engine Optimization | Internet Marketing and E-Commerce | Hackers | Hardware | Networking and IT | Mac and PC | General Topic User Groups

Programming Language and Developer User Groups TOP

Mobile Developers User Groups TOP

Web Design, User Interface, Graphic Design User Groups TOP

Crowdsource TOP

  • Equity Crowdfunding: How to raise startup cash! | Meetup
  • San Diego Kickstarter | Meetup

Multimedia, Video, Audio, Communications and Interactive Content Creation TOP

Content Management System User Groups TOP

Social Media User Groups TOP

Startups TOP

Search Engine Optimization TOP

Internet Marketing, E-commerce, Work at Home User Groups TOP

Hacker and Hacking Meetups TOP

Hardware, 3D Printing, Arduino TOP

  • FabLab San Diego (
  • Hardware Innovators of San Diego on Meetup
  • San Diego Arduino Enthusiasts on Meetup
  • San Diego Tesla Coilers on Meetup
  • the Hardware Hackers SIG (Meets 2nd. Tuesday each month – See calendar for details)

Networking, IT, Security User Groups TOP

Mac, PC, Computer User Groups TOP

General, Uncategorized and Other Topic User Groups TOP

Other Groups TOP

SoCal User Groups TOP

Social Related Groups TOP

Pending, closed or abandoned user groups TOP

Modified: September 17, 2014