San Diego User Groups and Tech Meetups

The following is a list of 20 130 180+ tech user groups, SIGS and startup related groups in San Diego. This is San Diego’s Tech Scene! If you’re a group organizer or member in a SD tech group and you’re not on this list, please reach out and let us know.

Programming and Developers | Mobile Developers | Web Design, User Interface, User Experience and Graphic Design | Crowdsource | Multimedia and Content | Content Management (CMS) | Social Media | Startups | Search Engine Optimization | Internet Marketing and E-Commerce | Hackers | Hardware and Makers | Networking and IT | Mac and PC | General Topic User Groups | Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality | Biotech / Life Sciences | Cyber Security | Drones and Robots | Engineering | Maker | Other Groups

Programming Language and Developer User Groups TOP

Mobile Developers User Groups TOP

Web Design, User Interface, Graphic Design User Groups TOP

Crowdsource TOP

  • Equity Crowdfunding: How to raise startup cash! | Meetup
  • San Diego Kickstarter | Meetup

Multimedia, Video, Audio, Communications and Interactive Content Creation TOP

Content Management System User Groups TOP

Social Media User Groups TOP

Startups TOP

Search Engine Optimization TOP

Internet Marketing, E-commerce, Work at Home User Groups TOP

Hacker and Hacking Meetups TOP

Hardware, Makers 3D Printing, Arduino TOP

  • 3D Printing San Diego | Meetup
  • FabLab San Diego (
  • Hardware Innovators of San Diego on Meetup
  • Makers at San Diego Central Library Meetup | Meetup
  • Onshape Users San Diego | Meetup
  • Open Source Makers of North County | Meetup
  • San Diego Arduino Enthusiasts | Meetup
  • San Diego Inventors Club | Website
  • San Diego Maker Faire | Meetup
  • SDIF San Diego Inventors Forum | website

Networking, IT, Security User Groups TOP

Mac, PC, Computer User Groups TOP

General, Uncategorized and Other Topic User Groups TOP

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality User Groups TOP

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Meetup | Meetup
  • San Diego Virtual Reality | Meetup

Biotech / Life Sciences

Cyber Security User Groups TOP

  • AttackIQ-Tech Talks | Meetup
  • CyberTECH Cybersecurity | Meetup
  • CyberTECH Smart & Safe Cities Incubator | Meetup
  • Greater San Diego Cyber Security for Control Systems | Meetup
  • Protecting Tomorrow – Cybersecurity and more! | Meetup
  • San Diego Cybersecurity Immersion Group | Meetup
  • San Diego Cyberslingers | Meetup
  • San Diego Sophos User Group | Meetup

Drones TOP

  • Drone Club of San Diego County | Meetup
  • Drone Flying in San Diego | Meetup
  • San Diego Diego Drone User Group | Meetup
  • San Diego North County Multicopter & Drones Meetup | Meetup
  • San Diego Robotics Club | Website | Meetup | Twitter
  • The Drone Lab | Meetup

Engineering TOP

  • IEEE, Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers – San Diego Section | Website
  • San Diego Quality Engineering User Group | Meetup

Other Groups TOP

SoCal User Groups TOP

Social Related Groups TOP

Pending, closed or abandoned user groups TOP

Modified: March 8, 2018