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San Diego based TwoClaw Apps launches Type Your Ringtone Android App

Type Your Ringtone ProHave you ever wanted your phone to speak to you when you’re getting a call or a notification of any kind? Or, perhaps it’s something you never knew you wanted.
The new Android app, Type Your Ringtone, does just this. Using text-to-speech, this app lets you create your own custom ringtones that actually talk to you.

Type Your Ringtone works with the default text-to-speech engine installed on your device, giving you the ability to change the engine and utilize a never ending list of voices. Using some of the new, and free, high quality voices from engines like Google Text-to-Speech, allow you to create unusually real sounding human voice ringtones. Or, adjust the speed and pitch of the voice, for some pretty funny effects.

Features include:

  • Set your notification sound for a specific app (Android 4.3 or higher required)
  • Set your notification sound for a specific contact (Android 4.4 or higher required)
  • Set your ringtone for a specific contact
  • Set the default ringtone or notification sound for the device
  • Control both speed and pitch of the ringtone voice
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Choose from a variety of languages
  • See all the custom sounds that you’ve created
  • Easily play or delete them, or set them as your new notification or ringtone sound

Pro version –

Lite version –

Developed by San Diego based TwoClaw Apps

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Modified: April 22, 2014